November 16, 2017 2 min read

This Christmas, Dello Mano launches a new Fruit Mince Pie perfect for the Christmas traditionalists. Sure to be one of the most beloved treats during the festive season, Fruit Mince Pies combine marinated fruits with buttery pastry to create a Christmas experience.

Dello Mano’s handmade Christmas Fruit Mince entails a delicious blend of freshly grated apple, citrus zest and Cherry Brandy marinated dried fruits. The moist centre is perfectly paired with crumbly butter pastry.

"As a child, my great grandmother would bake Mince Pies not just for Christmas but actually whenever we visited. I know many kids are not so fond of the moist fruity centre though I remember it to be absolute heaven. She would make her mince pies in one of those shallow tins and fill them just to the brim. She lived in Ballarat in Victoria where days can be so cold. I recall sitting in her kitchen, wood fire burning and just waiting for the go-ahead to tuck into the perfectly set table" recalls Deborah Peralta co-owner with husband Bien of Dello Mano.

"Although we started with brownies eleven years ago and are known as the Australian brownie pioneers it was only a matter of time before we extended into the broader Dello Mano philosophy of slow-cooked, traditional foods and started crafting some of our Christmas food favourites" laments  Bien.


The quintessential Mince Pie combines moist marinated fruit with buttery pastry.

Similar to the Italian Panforte, the Mince Pie dates back to a similar time around  13th Century Britain. Centuries later, the Fruit Mince Pie remains one of the most popular treats during December in many countries.

This year, Dello Mano’s fruit mince pies are elegantly packaged – perfect as a Christmas gift or a treat for yourself. Inidividual pies and numbers are available in store as is a beautiful gift pack of 9 wrapped in a gorgeous gift box and finished with luxurious red Dello Mano gold embossed ribbon.  The treats are also available in a supersize box of 24 - perfect for corporate Christmas catering or larger family gatherings.

Dello Mano's elegant packaging perfect for gift-giving. 

Dello Mano’s delectable fruit mince pies are available in-store or online while stocks last. Mince pies can be delivered to Brisbane Metro as part of the Dello Mano Cake Delivery Brisbane service.

If you wish to visit a Dello Mano store, they trade 7 days :

Tattersalls Arcade, 215 Queen St ( Queen St Mall at the Edward St. end opposite the Chanel store) - call 61 7 3210 1168


Merthyr Village New Farm, 83 Merthry Rd. New Farm - come inside the centre and the Dello Mano store is next to the Newsagents.- call 61 7 33582801

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