November 19, 2017 2 min read

 This festive season, Dello Mano launches a classic Christmas Pudding- the perfect ending to a Christmas Day filled with family, Christmas gifts and fun. 

To create the Dello Mano Christmas Pudding, chefs busily chop and dice Sultanas, Raisins, Currants and grate fresh Granny Smith Apples then slowly marinate this heavenly mix in real Brandy. 

Dello Mano's love of slow foods comes to prominence at Christmas time. The Dello Mano business initially inspired by an Italian family trip that culminated in attending the Slow Food Movements Salone del Gusto in Turin, slow foods and traditional methods have long been coveted by the Dello Mano family.  The new Christmas pudding is made in the  Dello Mano kitchen by marinating fruits that only get better with time as they soak in the array flavours and spices. Marinated until perfectly plump the fruits provide a very delicious and tempting pudding.


Dello Mano's Christmas Puddings are available in small or large sizes. 

These puddings are sure to make Christmas special with their elegant packaging - just as beautiful as the contents. Wrapped in real fabric and finished with a luxurious Dello Mano Christmas ribbon that has been elegantly embossed with Gold branded lettering. Dello Mano Christmas Puddings are a perfect Christmas gift for food-loving friends and family or wonderful for sharing around your dinner table on Christmas night. 

Hand-wrapped with love, this elegant packaging makes the perfect gift.

To prepare your Dello Mano Christmas Pudding remove the cloth and rinse several times in hot water. Christmas Pudding is best served warm with brandy custard, cream, ice cream or all three. They can be easily ordered online or in-store for pick up or delivery Australia wide. 

The Dello Mano Christmas Puddings are available in 2 sizes

900 g - serves 8 - 12 


450g - serves 4-6

Both sizes are available in stores and online.

If you feel like visiting a Dello Mano store, both trade 7 days and can be located:

New FarmBrisbane , MerthyrVillage, 83 Merthyr Rd. New Farm

TattersallsArcade , 215 Queen St. Brisbane ( off the Queen St Mall at the Edward St. end opposite the Chanel Store) 

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