November 15, 2017 2 min read

Christmas 2017:Panforte elegantly handwrapped with love. 

The countdown to Christmas begins with one of Dello Mano’s favourite festive treats. Dello Mano’s Panfortecombines Dark Belgian Chocolate, locally sourced honey, moist glace fruits, toasted hazelnuts and gentle spices.

The dark exterior of the Panforte hides the extravagant centre. Densely packed with fruit and nuts, slicing into the Panforte reveals a mouth-watering centre that words cannot explain. A very delicious honey syrup cooked to soft ball temperature and then combined with dark Belgian Chocolate make this a beautiful and long lasting Christmas gift.


Dello Mano Panforte laden with dark chocolate,fruit and nuts.

Dating back to the 13th Century Siena, Tuscany, the Panforteis a traditional Italian dessert that is so dense and rich you only need a slither for a flavour explosion. This classic dessert combining chocolate, fruit and nuts is sure to be a crowd pleaser during the festive season. Best served as an after dinner or coffee treat, Panforte is perfect for festive family gatherings or Christmas parties. 

Dello Mano Panforte

Panforte has been a Christmas staple at Dello Mano for many years now and has developed quite a following. Every year, batches upon batches of Panforte are handmade in the Dello Mano kitchen and hand wrapped with love. They can be purchased in single sizes or as part of Christmas hampers filled with other festive goodies.

As a small family business inspired by the Italian way of life, this treat holds a special place in the heart of the Dello Mano family. Shared each year in the Peralta family, they also ensure that each year Panforte is handmade as a very important element of the Dello Mano Christmas range.

Panforte is a delicious treat that keeps for an extended period of time - so if you are looking for a long lasting Christmas gift then this is an excellent choice. Long after all the Christmas pastries and cookies are finished, you or your gift recipient can sit down, sprinkle the little cake with icing sugar and enjoy the Dello Mano Panforte with a tea, coffee or if you are up to it a  spirit like for example Brandy, Cognac, Moscato or similar. Buy online and in-store while stocks last.

Dello Mano stores are located at Tattersalls Arcade 215 Queen St. Brisbane ( off the Mall near Edward St. -opposite the Chanel iconic store) and also at Merthry Village New Farm ( 83 Merthyr Rd. New Farm). Both stores trade 7 days.

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