August 13, 2017 3 min read

Bien sampling new range of Dello Mano Log cakes

Bien Peralta today sampling the new range of Log Cakes at Dello Mano

Today Dello Mano launched a new bar cake range for those clients that are looking for delicious handmade sweets to use in a more everyday special situation. The range includes delicious log cakes Rhubarb Apple Crumble, the traditional Hummingbird Cake and the very "moorish" Orange and Almond cake.  The later Orange & Almond cake is also gluten free and indeed a truly memorable cake. With the combination of orange and almond meal, this delicious gluten free cake has a natural and sweet flavour and by all accounts was received extremely well with one client and her friend tasting and swooning of conjured memories of the cake that they had enjoyed at L' Orangerie at the Kensington Palace.

"Oh that is so amazing - it just reminds me so much of the divine and memorable orange cake that we enjoyed together at the cafe beside Kensington Palace in London - said Elizabeth a regular at Dello Mano in Merthyr Village"

 " We were asked by lots of customers for cake alternatives that could be used not so much as a birthday cake but rather as an afternoon or morning tea style cake," says Bien Peralta, co-owner of Dello Mano.

Orange & Almond Log Cake - Dello Mano

New- Dello Mano Gluten Fee Orange & Almond Log Cake

" We got together with our Chefs and they were on board immediately, presenting ideas for a really special homemade cake experience that could be enjoyed more as a celebration of company and great food rather than say for a special birthday cake," enthused Deb who is also co- owner of the Brisbane based family business. "Not that they wouldn't make a great birthday cake, but rather that they are positioned again for the enjoyment of the cake at "get togethers" or for those people who treat themselves to everyday quality," said Deb.

Rhubarb and Apple Crumble Log Cake

New Rhubarb & Apple Crumble Log Cake at Dello Mano

And delivering homemade cake style is what Dello Mano does so well. Whether it be special birthday cakes or their famous brownies or this new range of everyday cakes, each is handmade with love by people who really care and feel they are part of doing something well. The Dello Mano philosophy is founded on the goodness and love of handmade food and this range is a great development in the dream that was first established in 2006 when the business dream was born. Beginning with their famous brownie recipe and then moving to premium cakes, Dello Mano, with the tag line "of the hand" has long revered the art of hand made food and continues to build on their mission  to create premium handmade cakes, chocolates, and treats.

Hummingbird Log Cake - Dello Mano

New Hummingbird Cake at Dello Mano

Building on those traditions of Dello Mano, these tempting new log style cakes are packed full of natural ingredients like real oranges, real apple, pineapple and banana and in keeping with the business ethos contain no preservatives or added flavours. The gluten free cake, Orange and Almond is made for example by with whole fresh real oranges and if you go to the store to taste it, you'll immediately understand the difference found in this cake.

The new Log style cakes are available at the Dello Mano Merthyr Village New Farm store or for Brisbane Cake Delivery ( Brisbane CBD and surrounding suburbs by calling 1300 661 682. Call by on the weekend and there is usually a tasting sample so you can have a try before making the very hard decision as to which Log cake to buy.

The Dello Mano Merthyr Village New Farm Store is open 7 days from 7am - feel free to call and book a cake for pick up.

For more information please contact Bien Peralta on 0414 539 349 or call 1300 661 682

More information about Dello Mano can be found at


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