Raspberry & Passionfruit Torte Cake

TheDelloManoRaspberry&PassionfruitTorteisdeliciouslylight in texture yet bursting with the delicate flavour of Raspberries and the sweettang of passionfruit. This serenelayercake isfinishewitharelaxed dressingofsoftBelgianWhiteChocolatefrostingcomplementedwitdrizzlesoffreshseasonalfruit including Strawberries, Blueberries and Passionfruit. Nestled in among the fruit is aneleganPassionfruiMousse quenelle andasprinklingofRaspberries. Handmade curls of White Belgian Chocolate indication that this cake is a truly creative handmade experience.

Delivery Notes:

Brisbane Cake Delivery: This cake is available for cake delivery in Brisbane. You are also welcome to Pick Up this cake from either our Wintergarden or New Farm stores.

Gold & Sunshine Coast Cake Delivery: Please note that this cake requires an order by 3 pm for next-day delivery to either coast. If you are ordering after 3 pm you can call us for some alternative suggestions 0498002468. Coast cake deliveries are available Tues - Friday inclusive. Unfortunately, we cannot deliver cakes to the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast on Mondays.

All Cake Delivery Note: Please ensure that your cake delivery recipient is home - we deliver by cold courier so we cannot leave cakes unattended. If no one is home to receive the cake an additional delivery cost may be charged.

Cake delivery and Collection information


Call your Personal Shopper Bien on 0498002468 if you have questions

We offer Cake Delivery Brisbane Metro, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Our cakes are delivered cold courier door to door.

Brisbane Standard Cake Delivery: Our standard cake delivery costs are for weekday business hours ( 9-5pm) within the Brisbane Metro Area.

Brisbane Express Cake Delivery: We offer a weekday express delivery in the Brisbane Metro area. This courier runs door to door and is perfect if you have a last minute cake order. Book online using express delivery.

Last Minute Cake Delivery Brisbane: Is available please call us on 0498002468 to discuss options and let us help you arrange your last minute cake delivery.

Click and Collect Cake Orders: Order online and choose your click and collect cake pick up point.

Gold Coast Cake Delivery: Is available please call 0498002468 to arrange a quote

Sunshine Coast Cake Delivery: Is available please call 0498002468 to arrange a quote

Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth cake delivery is not available at this time. 

Cake Type Delivery Restrictions : Sorry but we donot deliver Pavlova and Lemon Curd tarts, Tiramisu or Black Frorest Trifle.  Due to the delicacy of some cakes including those listed we donot offer cake delivery. These cakes may be ordered by cake click and collect in store or online and must be picked up at one of our Brisbane locations.  In some cases we may be able to arrange door to door however please call 0498002468 to check feasibility and get a quote.

South East Queensland Cake Delivery: Is available please call 0498002468 to arrange a quote

Brisbane Weekend Cake Delivery: We can arrange weekend cake delivery - please call Bien on 0498 002 468 so we can provide you with a quote.

Interstate Cake Delivery ( outside SEQld) : Unfortunately at this time we do not offer cake delivery outside South East Qld. We do offer Brownie gift box and a number of other products for delivery right across Australia.

Cake Delivery Authority to Leave We recommend that you send your cake delivery to the office or work place. If you send your cake delivery to a house please make sure that someone is home. If no one is home the courier will take all care and leave in what is deemed a safe place. We cannot take responsibility for cakes left this way.  At the discretion of the driver if there is no safe place to leave the cake, it will be taken back to the depot and a redelivery and product charge may apply. To avoid any additional costs please be sure that someone is home or at work to receive the cake delivery.

Time of Cake Delivery: We are unable to specify an exact time of cake delivery. We use couriers that run door to door however cannot specify to an exact time. 

At Cake Delivery Arrival : Please immediately transfer your cake delivery to the refrigerator until it is required. 

Frequently asked cake and cake delivery questions?

  • Is this cake available in your stores- without ordering?
    1. Yes, we carry this cake in our stores each day though to avoid disappointment you can always order to be sure you have the cake of choice. You are welcome to also call Bien on 0498002468 and he'll let you know what is in store at that moment. 
  • What happens if I order after 12 noon and want a cake the same day?
    1. Orders made in the afternoon depending on the cake and requirements may be restricted for next day delivery. Cakes larger than 16 cm, chocolate plaques and several more intricate cakes (Raspberry Passionfruit Torte and Cheesecake) may not be available on short notice.
    2. If you have a last- minute cake order, then chat with us or call your Dello Mano Personal Shopper Bien on 0498 002 468  to discuss options for next day delivery
    3. We make every effort to help with last minute orders for same day or next day delivery and will certainly work with you to find a solution. 
  • Do you make birthday cakes and can I get birthday cake delivery Brisbane?
    • Yes we handmake delicious birthday cakes in many flavours, colours and types
    • Yes, we can organise birthday cake delivery Brisbane. 
  • Can I order online and do a cake pick up from your Dello Mano stores?
    • Brisbane CBD: Tattersalls Arcade - Shop 8/215 Queen St. Brisbane. (Edward St. End of the Queen St. Mall)
    • New Farm: Merthyr Village Shopping Centre - 83 Merthyr Rd. New Farm (inside the Village near the Newsagents)
  • Can i Click and Collect or pick up anywhere else besides your Dello Mano Stores
    • Yes we offer cake pick up at several other drop points. You will need to order the day before to organise cake pick up this way. The list of cake pick up points is on the shipping page of the website. Call Bien for our latest list of cake pick up points - 0498 002 468
  • Do you do cake delivery Brisbane?
    1. Yes, we deliver Cakes to Brisbane
    2. We delivery to the Brisbane Metro area - some outer areas may incur an additional delivery charge. If you wish to receive a quote please call Bien on 0498 002 468
    3. Due to the sensitive nature of our products, cake delivery is door to door in the Brisbane Metro area.
  • How much does delivery cost to deliver a cake?
    1. Our cake deliveries are door to door in order to protect the quality of your cake and ensure that it totally wows your friends, family or work associates. Delivery prices vary depending on the delivery location.
    2. Last minute cake orders may result in a higher delivery fee. We do all we can to avoid this though sometimes it is unavoidable. Please call Bien to discuss 0498 002 468
  • Can I buy candles with the cake?
    1. Yes, you can buy candles to instantly turn your treat into a Birthday Cake.  Go to the product page of our website by selecting the TAB – BUY EXTRAS and select the link to the candles product/order page.
  • Can I buy a chocolate plaque to personalise the cake?
    1. Yes, you can buy a plaque – our Belgian Chocolate Plaques are handmade, and your message is hand written by a Chef in our kitchen. You can buy a plaque with your choice of words by selecting the TAB – BUY EXTRAS and choosing the link to the plaque product/order page.
    2. For last minute, next day cake delivery we will try our best to organise a chocolate plaque though please note that generally a plaque cannot be organised at the last minute. If we are unable to prepare the plaque at the last minute, then we will deliver the cake and contact you with regard to refunding the purchase price of the cake plaque. If however you have a little time to call - reach out to our Personal Shopper Bien who will try and organise for you. We may be able to do a general Happy Birthday plaque in these cases rather than have a personalised name written. Just call Bien to talk to him and see what we can do to help.
  •  How many guests will each cake serve? 
    • The number of cake serves depends on personal preference and your intended use (sometimes the cake is the dessert and on other occasions the cake is more of a token of celebration and so served smaller pertions than say a dessert). However, as a rough guide our cake serve recommendations are as follows:
    • 16 cm cake = 6-8 guests
    • 24cm cake = 12 -14 guests
    • 30cm cake = 20 -25 guests
  • Do you deliver cakes interstate?
    1. No, our cakes are sensitive, so we offer cake delivery Brisbane only ( Brisbane Metro)
  • Do you offer Gold Coast cake delivery?
    1. We can arrange to quote cake delivery to the Gold Coast – call Bien your Personal Shopper on 0498002468
  • Do you offer Sunshine Coast Cake Delivery?
    1. We can arrange to quote cake delivery to the Sunshine Coast – call Bien your Personal Shopper on 0498 002 468
  • Do offer cake delivery Brisbane on the weekends and public holidays?
    1. We can offer cake delivery Brisbane on the weekends and in some cases cake delivery weekends Gold Coast and cake delivery weekends Sunshine Coast. Each cake delivery will be quoted individually and we will provide a quick quote for your approval. The best way to get personalised service is to ring Bien on 0498 002 468 and we'll do all we can to assist you with your cake delivery.
  • What if someone isn’t home to receive the cake delivery?
    1. If someone is not there to collect, then "Authority to Leave" means that the driver will leave the cake in a place as safe as possible. If the driver does not feel that there is a safe place to leave the cake, he/she will take the cake back to base and an additional new delivery fee will be charged for re-delivery. Please note this decision may be subjective and is at the discretion of the driver – So, please make sure someone is there to collect the cake delivery. This action may results in a redelivery charge so it is best to have cake delivery to work or office or make certain that someone is home. 
    2. It is recommended that if you choose cake delivery that someone is home to collect the cake or please have the cake delivered to your office to avoid the cake being left or returned to base.
    3. Delivery to apartments or gated communities (without front office) is not recommended as there is nowhere to leave the cake. Again, please select for cake delivery to be to your work address.
    4. All of our cake deliveries are automatically granted "Authority to Leave" so please be sure that someone is available to accept the cake delivery at home.
    1. What allergens or potential allergens are in this cake?
      1. Our kitchen uses many ingredients including peanuts, other nuts and allergens. Unfortunately, as a result of such broad ingredient usage in the kitchen, if you or anyone sharing our products has an allergy, we regretfully recommend that they do not eat our products. Our products contain or may contain or may have been in contact with WHEAT, EGGS, PEANUTS, TREE NUTS AND MILK and other known allergens. Our kitchen uses a number of products that are considered in some cases allergens so it is recommended that anyone with any allergy does not eat our products. For more information, please speak with Bien 0414539349
    2. Do you make Gluten Free Cakes?
      1. We make several Gluten Free Cake options: Brownie Jewel Box, Hazelnut Torte, Orange Almond Cake and Caramel Macadamia Tart. We also make a Gluten Free Brownie Jewel Box Cake. In fact many of our cakes have gluten free cake options so just call us to discuss  0498002468. 
      2. We handmade gluten free birthday cakes
      3. we can offer glutent free birthday cake delivery BrisbaneDo you make Vegan friendly cakes?
      • We make Vegan cakes and cookes. You can learn more about our current range of Vegan Birthday cakes by calling Bien on 0498 002 468
      • We hand make Vegan birthday cakes
      • We can offer Vegan cake delivery Brisbane.
    3. Does this cake require refrigeration?
      1. Yes, our cakes contain real butter and not preservatives, so refrigeration is important.
      2. Please note that for any of our Mud Cakes that you should remove the birthday cake or cake from the refrigerator around 20 minutes ahead of enjoying the cake. Our handmade cakes contain real butter and so leaving at room temperature allows the butter to relax and loosen the cake texture. This results in a beautiful release of the cakes flavour and moistness.
    4. Can your cakes be prepared as a wedding cake or larger celebration cake?
      1. Yes, most of our cakes can be prepared s as a wedding cake, a large birthday cake and also for other celebrations like an anniversary cake. Larger cakes require a longer lead time so please contact us to discuss your special request. Call your Personal Shopper Bien on 0498002468 to discuss your cake needs and or cake delivery.
    5. Will the decoration vary?
      1. Our cakes are handmade - the cake decoration may vary slightly due to seasonality and/or at the discretion of our chef's creativity.
    6. Do your cakes contain alcohol?
      1. A few of our products do contain alcohol – please check with Bien 0498002468 to check on a product.
      2. Generally any cakes with an alcohol content will be listed on the cake product page.
    7. How do I store my cake after delivery?
      1. Please keep cake stored in the cake box prior to your event.
      2. The Raspberry & Passionfruit Torte Cake/ Chocolate Mousse Cakes are a delicate cake and so should be kept refrigerated immediately. 
      3. A greater flavour experience will be enjoyed if this cake is removed from the refrigerator 20 minutes or so before enjoying ( see note above for Mud Cakes). 
      4. Store leftover cake wrapped or sealed in a container
      5.  Depending on the cake, most can be kept for up to 3 days in the refrigerator. Mud cakes and brownie cakes tend to keep for longer however it will depend on how the cake has been used and the conditions of your own fridge. 
    8. Other Questions?
      1. If you have other questions about our business or products, you may find the answers to other questions here or pop onto our chat icon and talk now or if unattended then call Bien on 0498002468 and we'll get right back to you. 

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