January 08, 2022 2 min read

Dello Mano Update 8 Jan 22.

Saturday in Brisbane. Today it's raining. BOM forecast shows that we can expect rain most of the day. Good for the garden as we've just taken some bamboo cuttings and hope that they will propagate. Keeping them wet at the moment was a struggle so the long awaited rain is welcome at this point.

The rain though not so good for Brisbane city trading. Covid has increased in Brisbane and many people are working from home. Some restrictions remain enforce in Queensland. Just as a reminder the definitions of contacts have changed. Find the latest definitions here.

Please stay safe and maintain masks and hygiene. 

According to an ABC article, as early as September 21 only 60% of the people working in offices had returned to Brisbane CBD. Anecdotally it feels at the moment like this is a highlight with predictably less in the city this week. Still we carry on - our thoughts are with all the small business particularly as they offer unique experiences. So often small business not only offers the unique but importantly all their heart to their business and customers. We hope things settle and the city quickly returns to its former hustle and bustle. This image today a flashback to the bustling Brisbane City days.

Meanwhile stay safe, If you're in the city stop by and say hello to our Dello Mano Wintergarden team. Our New Farm cake store is up and trading as usual from 7am this morning. Coffee, cakes, brownies abound. 

Our brownie delivery is available Brisbane and all of Australia. Cake delivery Brisbane is available and so is Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Call 0498002 468 if you wish to order or have a question. Order online if preferred. 

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