January 09, 2022 2 min read

Update 9 Jan 22

New Farm is operating to our usual hours of 7-5pm. Wintergarden brownie store is usually closed on Sunday and as such is closed today. Online orders are open today and ongoing. Tomorrow Cake and Brownie delivery continues as usual.

According to the govt website, yesterday there were in excess of 11K new COVID 19 cases in Queensland. Cases are expected to increase today as a new hotline opens allowing people to report rapid test results.  Talks are underway to assess a delayed return to school in order to reduce spreading the disease. Seems all of us now know lots of people in Brisbane with Covid. Staying home for the next few weeks and working is the Premier's recommendation. 

We're working from home as much as possible and have family working from home as well. A big bonus is that it is lovely having everyone together.  In the quiet moments another upside is the Test Kitchen is getting a work out.

Last night Mr T had his turn in the kitchen and produced the most delicious Hokkaido Milk Bread Cinnamon Rolls using the recipe from the Joshua Weissman cook book. 

Hokkaido Milk Bread originated in Japan in you guessed it, the Hokkaido area. It  differs from Western Bread as it's fluffy, lighter and sweeter. The recipe is founded on the preparation and use of something called tangzhong which is a warm paste of flour and water ( a water roux). The tangzhong is incorporated into the dough creating a somewhat unique taste and texture.

Last night after sometime in preparation a tray with tightly tucked toasted rolls appeared from the oven. The kitchen filled with the aroma of cinnamon. Anticipation building as we watched the silky cream cheese glaze drizzle and traverse the scrolls surface. As the individual scrolls were extracted from the tray, the cooked dough showed soft elastic tendrils forming before finally giving way to the force. Enjoyed by all this delicious combination of soft, fluffy dough, cinnamon and delicious cream cheese was a great experience.

Enjoy your Sunday.

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