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Deborah and Bien Peralta Founders Dello Mano Luxury Brownies

Dello Mano is a family business established by co-founders Deb & Bien Peralta in 2006 who set out to reinvent the humble brownie and in doing so switched on the Australian brownie revolution.

 Deborah Peralta

Deborah Peralta Founder Dello Mano Brownies

Deborah Peralta has a multinational corporate background in Food Science & Marketing with leading Blue Chip food brands Cadbury, Arnotts, Kelloggs and Sanitarium.  Following the birth of her second child, a family trip to Italy revealed a mesmerising world of food celebration. This life changing trip ultimately resulted in her walking away from the corporate world to follow her lifelong food dreams.

 In 2006 she and her husband Bien, pioneered the Australian Brownie comeback launching their bespoke and ground breaking Dello Mano Luxury Brownies. Dello Mano focuses on protecting the art of handmade real food, beautiful ingredients and fostering creativity in the workplace. Beginning at the Jan Powers Farmers Market with just one batch of brownies made in a shared kitchen, they've now built a business that has witnessed Dello Mano brownies enjoyed by celebrities, politicians, dignitaries and people all around the world.

Deborah lives in Brisbane with her children, husband and a fridge full of brownies!

Bien Peralta

 Bien Peralta - Founder Dello Mano Brownies

Bien Peralta with wife Deborah, is co-founder of Dello Mano Luxury Brownies. He completed his degree in Business Marketing at Griffith University in Brisbane.

Bien has a Sales and Marketing background with leading consumer companies, Schweppes (Brisbane/Melbourne), Cadbury (Melbourne)  and Wella (Sydney).  He immigrated to Australia as a small child and brought with him a love of food stemming from a multicultural and diverse exposure to many cuisines. 

Bien shared a common dream with Deborah to develop and grow their own food business based on  real food and his passion for real service. Living in Sydney, weekend after weekend they'd sit on the banks of the Sydney harbour powered by a picnic from the Fish Markets, armed with poster pages and pens and dream of the business they would one day launch. 

A family trip to Italy would become the conduit linking those weekend dreams with the reality of launching a business. Sitting in the Campo dei Fiori in Rome, watching a food-love culture in action, he with Deborah was moved to develop a "no turning back" plan to return home and finally in 2006, begin the Dello Mano dream.

Bien now lives in Brisbane with wife and children and happily eats chocolate everyday.




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