• How to's- Bake BrowniesDello Mano Brownies on paper

    These days, there are so many brownie recipes. Everyone has favourite ingredients, favourite recipes or favourite brownie brands to buy. Brownie advice can come from everywhere even the famous Katherine Hepburn who is famous for saying "Never quit, be yourself, and don’t put too much flour in your brownies”

    If you're in the mood to bake brownies check out this Brownie Cheat Sheet to help you along the way.

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  • How to's - Taste Chocolate  

    Chocolate is a very complex food. It's estimated that there are 400 different distinct aromas and flavour compounds. These flavours are varied and can be quite surprising. Everything from tobacco, coffee, raisin, caramel, berries, citrus and even wine can be detected at some point in a chocolate. 

    Learning to taste chocolate properly and slowing down to savour the experience will really help you to taste these many and varied flavours.

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  • How to's - Chocolate Basics

    When it comes to chocolate, it is often difficult to know the difference between the various types. Lets start with the basics and understand the different types of chocolate and chocolate products..

    Chocolate forms most commonly used are dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, couverture chocolate, cocoa powder and cocoa nibs.


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