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Chocolate Brownies by Dello Mano

Premium hand made chocolate brownies and delicious morsels perfect for gifts and personal enjoyment. Dello Mano is a family business created and launched in 2006 by Deborah & Bien Peralta in Brisbane, Australia. Commencing with a stand at the Farmers Markets in New Farm Brisbane, very soon after Dello Mano's conception, their on line business commenced and Dello Mano began shipping their famous brownies across Australia and now throughout the world. Considered by many to be the best brownies they have now been enjoyed by numerous celebrities, dignitaries, politicians and VIP's throughout the world.


Brownies and the Dello Mano Dream


Inspired by the Magic borne of kindred creative spirit in a small Pasticceria in Rome, a little package deep within our own hearts opened and Dello Mano was conceived.There we sat in the Campo Dei Fiore watching the love and care of both the market and local Pasticceria. We dream of delivering that level of care and love to people and food back in Australia. Although not a literal translation of the Italian words, Dello Mano is about the translation of the Magic; the creativity and the humanity. Dello Mano is about food created by our own hands using recipes that emphasise delicate flavours and exquisite ingredients.


Dello Mano commenced operation with the ambition to create the best brownies, packed in an elegantly simple brown and cream box which they believed would symbolise handcrafted quality and beauty.

When clients purchase Dello Mano brownies they take away or give as a gift, a slice of  Dello Mano love and passion - the magic.

Dello Mano History


Deborah Peralta, started her career as a Food Scientist and later moved to Marketing and Business Development in four of the largest food brands in Australia, Cadbury, Arnotts, Kelloggs and Sanitarium. Her childhood dream was to set up and run my own food business. After many years of planning the shared dream  with Bien her husband and their now defining trip to the Campo Dei Fiore, in 2006 they established Dello Mano with the ambition to create the best brownies anywhere. The dream encompassed creating a food brand that was pure in its vision providing a truly beautiful, quality, premium food experience. The founding vision was that to achieve this goal it could only be done when food is handcrafted and prepared by people genuine in their intent, happy and who are creatively free.

"I believe strongly in the magic of the handcrafted and the passion that must naturally be there to motivate one to this work. Passion that one can taste because it is this passion that adds the care, authenticity and of course the magic. As we tie each Dello Mano brown ribbon, we seal in that magic!"


Bien Peralta also has a Business Marketing qualification, working both freight forward, sales and marketing for multinational brands like Schweppes, Cadbury and Wella Hair Care. His shared vision of a family business working together to make the dream come true has been  personally reflected in his commitment and dedication to Dello Mano, its produce and its clients.

"The  Dello Mano experience goes beyond the exceptional and unique taste of produce and extends to our gorgeous packaging, our attention to detail and our individual and personalized services. Each of our creations is the result of many hours of work enjoyed and always designed with our total vision in mind. We are about premium quality, magical handcrafted produce. "


Chocolate Brownies and Dello Mano Today

Deborah & Bien began operations in a shared kitchen and not long afterwards moved to their own commercial space in Breakfast Creek, Brisbane. Small and with limited resources they tirelessly worked never forgetting their ambitions and slowly grew both the  business and clients.

Following the devastating floods of 2011 and the loss of their stock and much of their business they took the plunge and decided to re-establish both a commercial kitchen and retail store. They completed building works within an amazing 2 months and established their now well known retail site on the corner of Doggett and Chester St. in Teneriffe, Brisbane. Located off high st. in a quaint village on the fringes of Brisbane city,  amidst an eclectic  community of designers, ad agencies, commerce and food precinct. Dello Mano has been operating at this site since December 2011 and have continued to grow both their corporate and retail business as well as establish a great community of supporting clients.

Besides making the best brownies Dello Mano today make a range of wedding cakes, cookies, pantry treats, celebration cakes and other chocolate delicacies.



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