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Chocolate Creativity Lab: Unleashing Corporate Innovation Through Chocolate

Welcome to the  Dello Mano Chocolate Creativity Lab - The ultimate corporate team-building workshop designed to ignite creativity and foster innovation within high-performing corporate teams.

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Transform Your Team with the Power of Chocolate

Elevate your corporate team-building experience with the Chocolate Creativity Lab. Designed specifically for high-end accounting, legal, and professional service firms, this workshop is your gateway to fostering creativity, enhancing teamwork, and boosting innovative thinking—all through the delightful art of chocolate decorating.

What To Expect from the Chocolate Creativity Lab

Enhances Creative Thinking:

Our corporate team-building workshop encourages innovative solutions and flexible thinking, crucial for today’s dynamic corporate world.

Boosts Team Collaboration:

Strengthens team dynamics and improves communication through fun and interactive activities.

Provides a Mental Break:

Offers a refreshing break from routine tasks, helping employees return to work with renewed energy and focus.

Improves Problem-Solving Skills:

Engages multiple brain networks, fostering novel idea generation and problem-solving abilities.

Workshop Highlights

Hands decorating a cake with assistance of course facilitator

Interactive Chocolate Decorating:

1. Hands-on activities guided by expert facilitators to stimulate creativity and teamwork.

2. Team-Building Challenges: Fun, collaborative exercises designed to enhance team bonds and improve communication.

3. Creative Exercises: Activities that spark innovation and strategic thinking, translating into enhanced workplace performance.

Corporate Team showing their decorated cakes in workshop

What to Expect

1. Introduction and Welcome

Overview of the workshop’s objectives and the benefits of creativity in the workplace.

 2.Chocolate Decorating Session

Engaging, hands-on activities where teams can unleash their creativity.

3. Team Challenges Interactive challenges that promote teamwork and collaboration.

4. Reflection and Feedback Discussion on applying the skills and experiences gained in the workplace.

Why it Works

Our unique approach combines the sensory delight of chocolate with proven techniques to boost creativity and team dynamics. Research consistently shows that engaging in creative activities can lead to higher job satisfaction, better problem-solving skills, and improved overall well-being. And let's be honest – who wouldn't want to spend a day working with chocolate?

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Ready to unlock your team’s creative potential? Contact us to arrange a Chocolate Creativity Lab for your team. Transform your corporate team-building experience and witness the power of creativity in action.


+ All materials and ingredients for chocolate decorating.
+  Expert facilitation by experienced professionals.

+ Creative team-building activities and challenges.

Exclusions: Travel and accommodation (if required) will be additional.

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Since our workshops are tailored to fit the unique needs of each company, we invite you to contact us for a personalised quote. We’ll work with you to create an unforgettable team-building experience.

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About The Dello Mano Team

Dello Mano is a family-owned business dedicated to sharing beautiful, handmade food with the world. Founded in 2006 by Deborah and Bien Peralta, we left our corporate lives to fulfill a creative dream and passion for fine food and craftsmanship. Our journey from the corporate world to creating Dello Mano is a testament to the transformative power of pursuing one’s passions.

We combine our love of food with a passion for creativity, offering unique workshops that enhance team dynamics and promote innovation. Having experienced the corporate world firsthand, we understand the pressures, challenges, and the need for innovative solutions to enhance team performance. Our Chocolate Creativity Lab is the perfect blend of our corporate expertise and creative aspirations, designed to bring out the best in your team through the delightful art of chocolate decorating.

Meet Our Founders

Deborah Peralta

An image of Dello Mano Co-Founder Deborah Peralta

Bien Peralta

An image of Bien Peralta, co-founder Dello Mano

About Our Founders

Deborah Peralta

Deborah Peralta is a Food Scientist with qualifications in Business and Marketing. As the co-founder of Dello Mano, she brings a wealth of expertise in food science and a keen interest in well-being and creativity. Deborah holds a Diploma in Holistic Counselling, exploring the connections between creativity, psychology, and happiness. Her background in both the corporate and creative worlds uniquely positions her to understand and address the needs of professional teams seeking to enhance their creative potential.

Bien Peralta

Bien Peralta, co-founder of Dello Mano, transitioned from a corporate career to pursue his passion for fine food and entrepreneurship. With a strong background in Sales, Bien brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Dello Mano. His commitment to excellence and customer happiness drives our mission to deliver exceptional, handmade food experiences. Bien's journey from the corporate world to creating Dello Mano exemplifies the courage to follow one's passion and the power of creativity to transform lives.

Together, Deborah and Bien Peralta have created Dello Mano as a sanctuary for creativity and high-quality, handmade food. Our workshops, including the Chocolate Creativity Lab, reflect our dedication to fostering innovation, enhancing team collaboration, and bringing joy through the art of chocolate decorating.

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