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How to Buy Cake Brisbane

Ever wondered how to buy Cakes in Brisbane? Not any cake but one that's made with love and care. Dello Mano offers a range of handmade cakes so whether you're looking for Chocolate Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Cheesecake, or any other types of cake, we offer the best cake in Brisbane. Our collection includes Brownies, Cakes, and Hampers. Decide on your cake variety and then size. We offer all cake types including wedding cake, birthday cake, and custom cakes. Check out some of our specialties available at the Dello Mano Cake Shop - online or at our physical shops ( New Farm and Brisbane CBD). We have Chocolate Cake,  Celebration Cakes and Fruit Cakes. 

Choosing your cake size

Choosing your cake size can be confusing. It does too depend on the type of cake with some being more dense and filling than others. Size of your cake too is dependent on whether the cake is dessert or simply a cake tasting. We offer custom cake sizes however our standard sizes are 16cm ( serves approximately 6-8 people). 24cm ( serves approximately 12-14 people) and 30cm ( serves approximately 20 -25 people). The number of serves does vary as cakes like the Chocolate Mousse Cake is a delicious dark chocolate mousse and is quite filling whereas the Raspberry Passionfruit Torte is a lighter softer cake. You can always call Bien our customer service extraordinaire and he will happily guide you.  

Dello Mano Cake Delivery

People often ask which places in Brisbane offer cake delivery. Dello Mano offers Cake Delivery Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast. Our bakery has been in operation since 2006 and we were the first to offer home delivery. We bake daily and offer next-day delivery for most cakes to Brisbane Metro and both the Qld Coasts. Many of our standard range of celebration cakes are available for next-day delivery. All of the standard line cakes like cheesecake, vegan cake, red velvet, gluten-free cake, cupcake, orange almond and our chocolate mud are generally all available with next-day notice. Any of these cakes can be personalised with a plaque handwritten by our Pastry Chef or Cake Decorator to your specification. To turn any cake to a birthday cake we offer candles for sale.  If you're looking for a sweet treat in a delicious cake delivery for a birthday or any occasion then call Dello Mano or order online. Specialty cakes require more notice with the time required varying dependent on whether the cake is a wedding cake or a complex special birthday cake. Pavlova with fresh cream and strawberry requires 24 hours notice. Cakes with fresh flowers require 24+ hours notice

Where to buy Cakes Brisbane 

To shop visit our website to organise cake delivery or Click and Collect or visit either of our cake stores. You can always telephone order calling Bien on 0498002468 - he'll help with any cake questions and set up an order for you.  Dello Mano is often quoted as being the best cake shop near the Brisbane CBD. The Wintergarden Dello Mano store is centrally located on the Queen St Mall. We offer a full range of classic cake, a small cupcake parlour and brownies. A small range of baked goods are also delivered daily to the store.  . 

Some Cake Tips for delivery 

1. Always be sure to have someone at home to collect the cake in person when it is delivered. 2. Cakes with buttercream icing and cream cheese frosting should be refrigerated immediately. 3. Chocolate decorations also need quick attention and should be stored cool or refrigerated.  4. Cakes with cream need immediate refrigeration.   5. Brownie cakes are a little more robust however should be stored cool particularly if they have chocolate decoration.  6. Fondant cakes can generally be stored in a cool dry place for a small amount of time  7. Always remove mud cake from the refrigerator 30 mins before allowing the butter to relax. The cake will then be a lighter texture and have a delicious, tasty flavour.  

So buying cake in Brisbane is easy, the hard part is deciding which one!  

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