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Buying Gluten free cakes Brisbane

Back in 2007 we were a fledgling little family business and it was impossible to even say Gluten Free Cakes Brisbane let alone buy them. We were motivated by a relative who'd been diagnosed late in life with Coeliac disease( see further explanation below). She was highly social and suddenly found herself unable to enjoy her weekly cafe meet-ups with friends. In fact getting gluten free products back then was almost impossible to the point where she would bring her gluten free sandwich and a sweet treat to the cafe and pay them to bring it out on a plate!

A slice of Orange Almond Gluten Free cake on a yellow plate with hand cutting with fork

Thankfully those days are long gone but that time this drove us to innovate and develop a Dello Mano Gluten Free Brownie. We've not changed our recipe since its launch and today you can buy these and also Gluten Free Cakes at either of our stores in Brisbane.  At our New Farm cake shop you can sit and enjoy a coffee and a number of gluten free cakes. You can also buy gluten free cakes in Brisbane CBD at our Wintergarden Boutiquein the Queen St. Mall.

What is gluten?

Wheat, barely and rye grains all contain proteins known as glutenin and glaiden. These products are common in most any bakery. When these two proteins absorb water they bond together and form a network that is elastic and known as gluten. When gluten is mixed or kneaded this network becomes strong and more elastic. Managing gluten in the baking process is critical. When doughs and cake batters are baked the elastic structure stretches and catches the gases within the mix. Strong gluten networks make for firm chewy structure like bread while weaker gluten networks make a lighter, softer texture such as cake. This is why different flours like cake flour and bread flour ( higher protein ) are often used for baking.

What is gluten intolerance?

Most people can eat gluten however people with Ceoliac disease or alternatively those that have a non-Ceoliac gluten sensitively, may suffer a variety of symptoms if they eat gluten.

Coeliac disease is a serious, genetic autoimmune disorder that is triggered by eating gluten. The human intestine has villi and these are damaged when a person with Coeliac attempts to digest gluten. Damaged villi, in turn, prohibits absorption of nutrients into the blood and may lead to undernourishment and several other serious diseases.

Non-Coeliac sensitivity addresses individuals who cannot tolerate gluten however do not have the same intestinal damage as those with Ceoliac disease.

What is a gluten free cake?

Gluten free cakes have the wheat ( rye or barley) flour replaced with alternatives such as nut meals like almond meal or rice flour, potato flour or chickpea flour. There are a number of good quality Gluten Free commercial flours available however it is good to be cautionary and check commercial products for all the ingredients.

Sour Cherry Gluten Free Cake on a pink plate with hand and fork cutting cake

What gluten free cakes does Dello Mano sell?

Dello Mano offers a range of Gluten Free Cakes. Our range is thoughtful and always offers the tasty treat that one expects in our cakes. Some of our gluten free cakes include:

  • Orange Almond Cake - a moist delicious handmade orange cake finished with a cream cheese frosting. Each cake is decorated with fresh orange zest. Some of the versions also have edible rose petals.
  • Sour Cherry Cake - this cake is made with nut meal, butter, fresh eggs and vanilla bean and finished with our own special mix of sour cherries.
  • Hazelnut Torte -is a layer cake made from hazelnut meal, sugar and fresh eggs. The cake is cut and filled with hazelnut mousse which is a delicious cream based filling. The cake is finished with dark chocolate ganache and kibbled roasted hazelnuts. The ganache dribbles over the sides to create a beautiful tasting and looking dessert. A wonderful gluten free birthday cake.Hazelnut Mousse Cake showing layers of cake and mousse with kibbled hazelnuts and chocolate decoration on top.

We offer several gluten free options of our standard products :

With both these cakes you can use the drop down on the website menu to choose the gluten free option.

Please do note though, that the Dello Mano Bakery does use different flours ( and other potential allergens) in a many number of our baked goods. So it is wise to discuss this with our team before ordering our products if you have gluten sensitivity. You can discuss the types of products used in our bakery by calling Bien on 0498 002 468.


How to order gluten free cake?

Dello Mano Gluten Free Cake can be ordered online or place an order in either of our New Farm or Brisbane City stores. You can also order by calling 0498 002 468 and placing a telephone order.

Gluten Free cakes are noted on our website to assist you with browsing.

Does Dello Mano make a gluten free brownie?

As mentioned at the outset Dello Mano innovated the Gluten Free brownie market in Australia. We were the first to offer a gluten free option in brownies and gifts.

In addition to our gift boxes we also developed and innovated with a gluten free Brownie heart that's filled with buttercream and finished with Belgian Chocolate.

Red foiled brownies in a chocolate gift box

Dello Mano is committed to continually improving our range of special dietary products. Not only do we offer gluten free products but also offer Vegan Cakes and Brownies.

Does Dello Mano Gluten Free custom cakes?

We modify some Cakes to suit custom cake needs . The best thing is to call Bien 0498 002 468 and discuss your specific needs. Depending on your requirements a Gluten Free Wedding cake or Celebration cake may be able to be arranged.

So gone are those days where Gluten Free Cakes are hard to procure. Dello Mano can deliver gluten free cake or you can visit our stores and order, buy or collect your delicious cake.

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