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April 09, 2020 3 min read

Exciting news! You can now buy our Dello Mano coffee beans online from our work@home tab on our website. This means, from this week we've included online delivery of coffee beans so you can enjoy the Dello Mano coffee experience at home. Our own delicious blend of coffee can be delivered to Brisbane and in fact, we've included coffee bean delivery Melbourne, Sydney and anywhere in Australia.

coffee pouring

We recognise that your coffee bean home delivery needs are different so we offer our Dello Mano beans as 500g or 1kg packs. We also tailor to allow you to buy online whole coffee beans or we'll organise ground coffee beans for you in the event that you don't have a coffee grinder at home. Just select either whole or ground beans on the buy online coffee section of our work@home tab. 

coffee beans whole

Dello Mano started serving coffee some 11 years ago now. Back then, we approached Phillip Di Bella who at the time managed his own famous quality coffee roasting brand Di Bella. We were a very small business at that time and had created a food gift company based on brownies. Now looking back that was such an act of faith as brownies were almost nonexistent and definitely we were the first to pioneer Brownie gifts in Australia.  So we were surprised Phillip took our call and even more surprised that after explaining to him that we wanted a great coffee to use in our Espresso Walnut brownie he offered us a coffee machine and beans! So began our journey with coffee. 

bien at coffee machine

After the 2011 Brisbane Floods, we moved from our kitchen located beside the Brisbane river to our then Teneriffe store in Doggett St. We increased our brownie and cake shop foot traffic in the process and so started to serve coffee in greater numbers. Since then we've trained lots of baristas and continued to offer our own blend of coffee bean. We worked closely with Philip and his team over the years and around the time of that shift attended a series of tastings to establish the Dello Mano coffee bean blend. Our coffee is often enjoyed with our brownies or cake and so it was important for our blend to be reflected and to be complementary to the notes of chocolate, caramel and to some extent spices. 

coffee bean lab

The Dello Mano Coffee Bean blend delivers a coffee that is relatively strong, full-bodied and of robust character. It lends tones of chocolate, caramel, and spices and we believe the perfect combination to enjoy our Luxury Browniesand Cakes. 

Coffee can under normal circumstances be enjoyed daily at our Brisbane cake stores ( New Farm and Brisbane CBD)  from 7 am. Our Merthyr Village New Farm Cake store is open each day during the current pandemic time ( watch our website, Google Business and Facebook pages for changes). Currently, we're serving take away coffee however still with all the friendly service we've always offered at Dello Mano. Our team are fully briefed on handling your order at this time and during the prevailing current circumstances. 

Please note that our Tattersalls Arcade store is currently temporarily closed due to the COVID 19 crisis

We hope everyone is safe and that we are all returned to our normal lives very soon. We look forward to welcoming you all back to our stores. In the meantime, you are welcome to buy coffee beans online from Dello Mano and at least in part experience your regular visits. If you are in New Farm then you can drop in and enjoy a takeaway coffee. 

Now you can Buy Coffee Online Brisbane so click away! You may even like to pick up a little Dello Mano online brownie or online cake to enjoy with your coffee.

We can also deliver coffee beans anywhere in Australia so you can buy coffee online in Sydney and Melbourne.

If you want to talk to your personal shopper then please call Bien and he will assist in whatever way we can to ensure you have coffee beans delivered to your home anywhere in Australia. Call Bien 0498 002 468.



Home Delivery High Tea
Home Delivery High Tea

April 21, 2020 3 min read

Dello Mano launches Mother's Day High Tea Home Delivery. This year given that we will most probably be still dealing with COVID situation, we've innovated and developed a light, simple and delicious High Tea for delivery to your Mum's door. Nice and simple to prepare, your Mum can sit down and enjoy a special relaxation organised by you. Order your Home Delivery High Tea  online or call your Personal Shopper on 0498 002 468 to discuss or ask questions.
Dello Mano Brownie Delivery since 2006 to anywhere in Australia or the World.
Leading Brownie Delivery Since 2006

April 13, 2020 3 min read

Dello Mano pioneered Brownie Delivery. Innovators at heart we created the Brownie Food Gift Business concept from scratch. Back in 2005 we also set up a website way ahead of its time and started brownie delivery way back then. Now with fourteen years of brownie delivery experience we lead the way in handcrafting and shipping brownies around the world. Dello Mano is a Brisbane company. The concept was created as original and pioneered the Australian Brownie Market.
Hot Cross Buns Launched
Hot Cross Buns Launched

April 10, 2020 2 min read

Dello Mano has launched an Easter Hot Cross Bun. First launched so customers could buy hot cross buns online however following huge demand the buns have also been made available at the Dello Mano cake shop at Merthyr Village New Farm. Dello Mano is open all weekend ( after Good Friday is closed). Dello Mano is inside Merthyr Village beside the newsagents. Open from 7am on Saturday. Stocks are limited.

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