March 21, 2021 2 min read

Easter Egg Brownie

An Easter Egg with a Difference.

Launched! An Easter Egg that is  stylish, absolutely delicious and makes a statement of quality & fun.  We started creating Brownie Easter Eggs back in 2007 when we were just starting our Luxury Brownie business. We were tired of many of the ubiquitous Easter Eggs that seemed to lack soul. We  thought about creating an Easter Egg with a difference. An Easter Egg with taste - real taste!  An Easter gift that would demonstrate our own commitment to the beauty of the handmade.  The handmade aspect of the gift we thought would demonstrate the givers  commitment to quality and show so much care in the choice of gift.   With this in mind,  we created this Easter Egg brownie idea with a trend forward inspiration. Even though it was early days we thought that our clients would look to handmade food as a worthy and in fact important aspect of feeling connected to each other.  Since the launch of our first handmade Easter Egg Brownie we've used the seasonal opportunity to have some fun and let our  kitchen team use their own creativity

 and create a one off unique Easter Egg Brownie design. This year, five of our kitchen decorators set to work with the challenge and each developed a creative expression of the Easter Egg Brownie. For 2021 we felt this was a year for a little whimsy. We've all in some way been impacted by the pandemic and so we  thought this year we'd launch a happy, dreamy Easter Egg Brownie. We chose an egg filled with flowers. Hand crafted with our delicious and original Classic Brownie each brownie is cut to form an egg shaped base. Then pretty pastel coloured edible blooms of buttercream are hand piped across the top of the brownie egg. Several tiny Easter Eggs are nestled into the flowers to create a little whimsy and spark the imagination. This unique  Brownie gift is finished with an Easter Egg cut from Belgian Chocolate.  

This Easter Egg Brownie is perfect for gifting to that special someone. It's gift boxed in a lovely showcase  and finished with quality ribbon.  Add this Easter Egg brownie to your shopping cart and it'll be shipped in time for Easter.  

Buy Easter Egg Brownies online or browse the complete Dello Mano Easter Gift Collection

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