February 15, 2022 2 min read

Thinking about brownies all day? Here are 15 reasons you know you're a Brownie Aficionado.
  1. You or your child’s favorite snack is brownies and milk.
  2. Your wedding cake was made of brownies
  3. To you, brownies don’t just make for great snacks or desserts; you also know that they make any dessert better!
  4. You know exactly which brownie flavor goes best with coffee, champagne , wine and beer
  5. You know the name Bertha Palmer 
  6. You see brownies as the perfect present for every occasion. Whether it presents for brownie baby shower, brownie birthday gifts and Christmas brownies gifts - in your mind brownies are the answer.
  7. You can tell the difference between handmade luxury brownies, regular brownies and packet mix brownies
  8. You don't mind sifting through sales for home furnishing goodwill stores but only the best brownies in Australia will satisfy your craving.
  9. Your idea of a good time is going to brownie tasting events. You like being up-to-date on the freshest ingredients, flavor combinations and the best stores.
  10. You consider traveling to different countries to taste brownie variations, to learn more about brownie ingredients or to go straight to the source of chocolate-y goodness Africa
  11. Cookie jar? Candy jar? Not for you! Yours is in the fridge filled with luxury brownies!
  12. You have the best brownie websites bookmarked on your browser or the delivery number saved on speed dial.
  13. You have the brownie locations saved as waypoints in your GPS.
  14. Your calendar is marked with 4 important brownie days:
      • January 22 (National Blonde Brownie Day
      • February 10 (National Cream Cheese Brownie Day)
      • May 9 (National Butterscotch Brownie Day)
      • December 8 ( National Brownie Day)

    15,..And finally Number 15 you found yourself nodding to this brownie list as you read through each point. 

    If you've got suggestions as to more reasons you know you're a brownie aficionado we'd love to hear from you in the comments.

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