February 19, 2022 7 min read

The winds of change are blowing and yesterday was the last day for the Dello Mano store at New Farm.

A quote that says "when the wind of change blows- some people build walls and others build windmills" - Chinese proverb

I read somewhere that the winds of change flow best through an open heart. We leave the New Farm store with an open heart ... some might even say a brownie heart :) and look forward to new directions. 

Front of the New Farm Cake Shop

New Farm Cake and Brownie Shop

Our 5 year lease at New Farm was up this week and we've decided to adjust our sails to the wind and let it take us in a new direction.

Our online brownie and cake store remains open. Our deliveries are OPEN and freight is moving well. We sent a box of luxury Brownies and Rocky Road to Torquay in rural Victoria this week and it arrived overnight the next morning. Things are looking up and our brownie delivery and cake delivery is going well.

Our Wintergarden store remains open.

As we make these business changes and close up the New Farm brownie and cake shopwe're being asked many questions. Here are some answers for those questions being asked:

Will your Brisbane City Wintergarden Store continue?

Yes, we're delighted to be continuing at the Wintergarden store. We offer a full range of cakes and brownie gifts there are the store. It is a convenient shop to pick up city office cakes, birthday cake and corporate gifts. Or, if you are just feeling like a luxurious treat for yourself in the city then stop by for single serve cakes and brownies. 

The Wintergarden is a premium shopping precinct with a gorgeous array of designer clothes, shoes and also a wonderful Mecca store. A great place to wander and enjoy your time in Brisbane city.

Can I still order Dello Mano by Telephone?

Yes, definitely. You can order cakes and brownies by telephone. Call 0498 002 468 and you'll usually get Bien. He'll be happy to take your telephone cake or brownie order. During the order he will organise for cake or brownie delivery or pick up at your preferred location.

For all cake or brownie telephone queries call 0498 002 468

Can I still order Dello Mano online?

We have online our full range of brownies and cakes. As we've traditionally done as well as our brownies and cakes we also offer our cookie range, hampers, rocky road and truffles.

Order online and choose your preference for cake delivery, brownie delivery or if you prefer to pick up your online gift or cake order then choose your preferred location.

We have several pick up locations online.

Can I order Dello Mano for Pick UP or Click and Collect?

If you're ordering online and you wish to pick up via click and collect then this option continues. Order online at the Dello Mano website. You can pick up your online brownie or cake order at our Wintergarden Brisbane CBD store or at the Coffee Commune in Bowen Hills.

If you're in Brisbane city then Wintergarden is centrally located in the Queen St Mall. We're at the front of the Wintergarden centre just beside Mecca. Just walk in past Mecca and we're on the left hand side. 

If you're looking for a suburban pick up then Coffee Commune is a great place to pick up your online brownie and cake order. Easy parking, easy access on Abbotsford road. You can watch coffee being roasted and you can also enjoy a great coffee in the cafe. It's on a main road so offers great access.

Where does Dello Mano deliver Brownies?

Dello Mano delivers brownies Brisbane. We also have since 2006 delivered brownies across Australia and internationally. The current Covid Pandemic has curtailed our international brownie delivery although as of this week some international brownie locations have opened up. Our overseas brownie delivery will commence as and when countries begin to open.

If you're looking for overseas brownie delivery then call us on 0498 002 468 to discuss current options.

Does Dello Mano deliver brownies to Melbourne?

Dello Mano delivers brownies to Melbourne. Usually brownie delivery to Melbourne is overnight. There have been some delays due to Covid however all but a small few deliveries to Melbourne have run smoothly. Those brownie deliveries that encountered a problem were delivered after the second night and since everything is cool packed they are perfectly fine to pop in the fridge on arrival and enjoy within hours.

Dello Mano deliver brownies throughout Victoria. As mentioned above we delivered brownies to Torquay in Victoria this week and it was a smooth process to overnight delivery. Torquay is a beachside town outside of Melbourne so a good indication that the delivery went well. For those of you asking how far is it from Torquay to Melbourne, it's about a 90 minute drive. 

Does Dello Mano deliver brownies to Sydney?

Similar to Melbourne we offer brownie delivery overnight to Sydney. Needless to say at this point most of our Sydney brownie deliveries are arriving overnight with no fuss whatsoever.

We deliver brownies to NSW including all rural towns. Some towns may take a little longer and require that second night of transport but many will receive a brownie delivery overnight. 

Can Dello Mano deliver Brownies anywhere?

Yes Dello Mano can delivery brownies anywhere. Well maybe almost anywhere. We're up for the brownie delivery challenge! We've delivered brownies to the frontline of Afghanistan to a young homesick Australian soldier and our brownies have been to the second base camp of Nepal. Brownie deliveries to London, LA, Paris, South Africa and New Zealand to name just a few countries have all been well received.

So let us know your brownie gift delivery location and we'll let you know the delivery time and cost.

Does Dello Mano deliver brownies to the Gold Coast?

Dello Mano delivers brownies to the Gold Coast each weekday. In order to guarantee your delivery spot please order by 3pm the day before to allow us to book. We deliver up and down the Gold Coast.

Does Dello Mano deliver brownies to the Sunshine Coast?

Yes Dello Mano delivers brownies and brownie gifts to the Sunshine Coast. We deliver Tuesday to Friday. We can deliver Monday however you need to order before 3pm on the Friday before for Monday delivery of brownies to the Sunshine Coast. 

It is best to book your brownie order for Sunshine Coast Tues to Friday before 3pm the day before.

Where does Dello Mano deliver brownies?

Dello Mano has been delivering gifts of brownies since 2006. We can deliver brownies across Australia and pandemic pending anywhere in the world.

What days does Dello Mano deliver brownies?

Dello Mano brownie and cake delivery is weekdays during normal business hours. We can arrange weekend cake and brownie delivery in Brisbane by arrangement - please call Bien on 0498 002 468 if you'd like to see if we have a weekend cake or brownie delivery.

Does Dello Mano deliver cakes and Brownies on the weekend?

See the note just above. Brisbane cake and brownie gift delivery can be arranged by appointment with Bien 0498 002 468 

We understand sometimes you just need a gift delivery on the weekend in Brisbane and we're here to help. Same goes for the last minute cake on the weekend - call 0498 002 468 and we'll try to do what we can to help.

Does Dello Mano deliver cakes in Brisbane?

Yes actually we were the first to offer cake delivery to the door in Brisbane. We started about 8 years ago and have continued to offer cake delivery service ever since. Our cakes can be delivered weekdays, business hours to Brisbane Metro areas.

Does Dello Mano deliver cakes to the Gold Coast?

Yes we offer cake delivery to the Gold Coast. We deliver cakes to the Gold Coast weekdays during business hours. If you want cake on the Gold Coast then please try to order by 3pm the day before so we can book your position in the delivery van. Order cake for Gold Coast by online website for delivery.

Does Dello Mano deliver cakes to the Sunshine Coast?

Dello Mano offers cake delivery to the Sunshine Coast Tues- Fri. We can and do deliver cakes to the Sunshine Coast also on a Monday however one stipulation is that cake delivery for a Monday must be ordered on the PRIOR Friday by 3pm. We need to book the cake delivery Friday pm and cant add cakes to the delivery over the weekend. Besides Monday all other days are fine for cake delivery Sunshine Coast.

In order to secure your cake delivery for Sunshine Coast it is best to order before 3pm the day before. Remember for Monday cake delivery to Sunshine Coast you need to order online or by phone 0498 002 468 before 3pm on the prior Friday. 

What days does Dello Mano deliver cakes?

As above Dello Mano delivers cakes Monday to Friday. In Brisbane by special arrangement we can deliver cakes to many locations on the weekend. It's best to call Bien on 0498 002 468 if you'd like a weekend cake delivery in Brisbane. Weekend cake delivery Brisbane will attract a premium delivery charge due to weekend rates by couriers and transport people.

Where does Dello Mano delivery hampers and gift baskets?

Dello Mano gift basket delivery and hamper delivery is daily Mon-Friday and we deliver everywhere in Australia. Please order before 3pm the day before and we will deliver the next day for Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast ( remember the Monday delivery for Sunshine Coast must be ordered the Friday before hand) . Interstate gift basket and hampers will be delivered overnight to major cities.

I am oversees, can I organise for gift delivery by Dello Mano?

Yes if you're oversees you can organise gift delivery by Dello Mano. Just enter your order online and we'll see to it. We organise gift delivery for overseas clients every week so there is no problem at all with this option.

How do I contact Dello Mano?

It is so long to the New Farm store but onward and upward for Dello Mano and our beautiful range of cakes and brownies. Still lots of ways to order handmade gift delivery to Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. 

Blue doors opening out to the fresh outside air. There is a beach and sand.

Doors open to the bright blue yonder

 If you have a question about brownie delivery, cake delivery, online cake orders, online brownie orders or anything pertaining to Dello Mano let us know in the comment section and we'll be sure to respond.

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