March 10, 2022 3 min read

Do you have a not-chocolate Easter Gift ? We're often asked this question here at Dello Mano.

Many clients though know that their recipients will be inundated with chocolate at Easter. Some know their recipient doesn't want chocolate. So, to this end we developed a range of Easter Cake Giftsfor the times when a non-chocolate present is in order.

A Dello Mano Easter Cake gift on a white stand surrounded by green Easter eggs.


The Dello Mano Easter Carrot Cake is a delicious not-chocolate gift. It's presented beautifully in a clear showcase box. The box is finished with a premium satin ribbon. The gorgeous packaging and scrumptious cake make this an Easter Gift ready to go!

The homestyle quality of ingredients will impress and make a great Easter gift for the cake lover.

Making the Carrot Cake

Our Carrot Cake story begins with fresh carrots arriving directly from the markets. The carrots are each hand grated and then mixed with a delicious combination of sultanas, chunks of walnuts and spices. 

Cake tins are filled by hand and we slow bake each cake until a skewer test shows them baked.

When the cakes are baked they're removed one by one and placed on a cooling rack.

Decorating with Cream Cheese Frosting

When the cakes are cooled they are ready for decorating. We smother each cake with lashings of our delicious cream cheese frosting (the best part of a carrot cake!) . Our chef hand decorates each cake with impressionist style carrots. 

The top of a Dello Mano Easter Carrot Cake surrounded by green Easter eggs.

Each cake is then beautifully packaged in a clear showcase box and finished with a quality satin ribbon. The packaging presentation makes this cake an easy Easter gift as it's packed and ready to go.

How to buy the Easter Carrot Cake Gift

The Easter Carrot Cake giftcan be ordered online. If you want to browse our handmade Easter Gift collection go to the Dello Mano websiteand choose the Easter Tab. There you'll see our full range of Easter Brownies, Easter Eggs, Easter Cakes and Easter treats.

As always you can always pop into our Brisbane City Wintergarden store to buy Easter gifts or place an order.

We always offer phone orders so call Bien on 0498 002 468 and he'll be happy to help place your order.

Easter Gift Delivery or Pick UP

You can choose to pick up from our Wintergarden Brisbane City Cake and Brownie shop or at the Coffee Commune in Bowen Hills.

The Dello Mano  Brisbane City store is located in the iconic Wintergarden centre. It's situated in the heart of Brisbane in the lively, Queen St. Mall

The Coffee Commune is located at 82 Abbortsford Road, Bowen Hills. Conveniently located on this main thoroughfare, there's parking. The team there are committed to customer service and will be most helpful as you collect your  Easter cake.

Alternatively we offer Easter Gift delivery for this cake to Brisbane, Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast. 

Easter Gift Cake Storage

When you pick up your Easter cake or have it delivered. Please refrigerate the cake immediately. The Carrot cake can be enjoyed straight from the fridge though it is best to allow it to stand for about 15 mins ( depending on the room temperature). By allowing the cake to stand at room temperature you allow the ingredients to warm up and release their full flavours.

When are Dello Mano Easter Orders Open?

Dello Mano Easter orders are open now. Our Easter product will be made and ready to receive from the 28th March 2022. Please order our handmade Easter gifts early to avoid disappointment. 

Dello Mano Service Commitment

We're committed to service. You can always call us on 0498 002 468 or pop on our website to the chat box. Whether it is a question or a concern please do not hesitate to give us a call.

So, if you are looking for a non-chocolate Easter gift, check out our range of handmade Easter gift deliciousness. This lovely Easter Carrot cake gift is great for Corporate gifts or personal gifts. It's around 13cm and serve 4-6 people. It will keep in the fridge for about 5 days so a great gift for small gathering or also for one or two people to share.

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