March 12, 2022 3 min read

We're excited to announce the Dello Mano Easter Egg CakeLaunch. A cake designed for those looking for an Easter giftwith a difference. 

The Dello Mano Easter Egg Cake gift from above you can see pink frosting, chocolate speckles and a chocolate nest holding mini Easter eggs. The cake stand is surrounded by green Easter Eggs.

If you're tired of Easter gifts that really don't offer something truly delicious then this cake gift could be for you. Our decadent chocolate mud cake finished with a pretty muted pink frosting in a gorgeous show case box. 

With an artists flair our Chefs let loose their inner "Jackson Pollock"* like style. Using an art brush they splatter rich Belgian Dark chocolate on this cake to invoke the feeling of speckled Easter eggs.

A handmade Belgian Chocolate nest of Easter Eggs sits on top of the cake.  This Easter Cake gift makes for a great table centre piece. Imagine family and friends sitting at the Easter table and breaking pieces of quality chocolate from the nest or sneaking the odd Easter egg from the top of the cake.

The side profile of the Dello Mano Easter Egg Cake gift. A pink frosted cake with chocolate speckles and a chocolate nest on top. The nest has easter eggs inside. The cake is surrounded by Easter eggs.

Where did Easter Eggs start?

Easter eggs according to this SBS article, began with early Christianity. In those days hard boiled eggs were stained with various natural dyes. Items like red onions and beetroot were used to produce colours to paint the eggs.  Painted eggs were thought to represent rebirthing or the resurrection. 

Literature however, supports the art of dying eggs as a custom that predates Christianity. According Bustle, Archeologists found decorated ostrich egg shells that may have been 60,000 years old. This places decorated egg shells back to the Neanderthal era. The egg tradition seems then to have survived through Ancient Egypt, the Pagans and then early Christianity. 

How did chocolate become part of Easter Eggs?

The Chocolate Easter egg came to be more as a production extension. Apparently chocolate Easter eggs started appearing in France and Germany in the early 19th Century. Egg shaped they were made with dark, course and bitter chocolate.

In 1875 the Cadbury company released their first chocolate Easter egg. With the acquisition of a chocolate press, Cadbury was able to reduce the fat content of chocolate while also grinding particles to a smoother more palatable treat. Cadbury also began moulding chocolate and with that they produced the chocolate egg.Things took off in 1905 when Cadbury started producing the milk chocolate egg.

The Dello Mano Easter Egg Cake

This Dello Mano Easter Cake gift is approximately 13cm wide and serves 4-6 people. The delicious rich mud cake cuts beautifully so it 's easy to share and presents well on a plate.

A transparent showcase and satin ribbon finishes the cake package and makes it an easy, ready to go Easter gift. An Easter gift suitable for families, small households or a stylish Easter Corporate gift. Our quality is now renowned. Across 15 years we have delivered both deliciousness and style to Easter gifts.

How to order the Easter Egg Cake 

Order Easter Cake gifts online. This cake is pick up only at either Dello Mano Wintergardenstore or Coffee Commune. Unfortunately we're not offering cake delivery on this particular product due to its delicate nature.

We're also taking Easter orders online. Call Bien on 0498 002 468 to place your order. 

Top view of the Dello Mano Easter Egg cake shows the pink frosted cake with a chocolate nest full of Eater eggs. The cake stand is surrounded by Easter eggs.

Although we are not offering Easter gift delivery on this cake, we do offer Easter gift delivery to Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Browse our Easter gift range online. 

Please order early to avoid disappointment.

*The reference to Jackson Pollock is made with respect. Jackson Pollock being one of Americas most revered and influential artists of all time. He is famous for his contribution to the Abstract Impressionist movement.

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