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Things to do in Brisbane in and around the Tattersalls Arcade Brisbane

The Tattersalls Arcade located at 215 Queen St. is one of the oldest shopping centres in Brisbane. If you're planning a Brisbane visit, the Heritage listed Arcade is a must do offering premium leather, antique and artisan jewelry stores as well as being the home to Brisbane's iconic Luxury Brownie creator Dello Mano. 

The Arcade building itself offers a fine display of art deco design and heritage. Walls of the arcade are adorned with friezes sculpted by well known and accredited Australian artist Daphne Mayo. The historic friezes appear gracefully over the doors of the arcade stores, so these beautiful displays of Australian art are able to be enjoyed freely and at your leisure. 

Shop and High Tea at Dello Mano

Packed full of high end shopping, it's a beautiful arcade to get away from the bustle of the city and sit down and enjoy a coffee at one of the premium cafes located within the Arcade. Green granite floors, vaulted Art Deco ceilings, brass trims and impeccable presentation give the arcade a rather demure elegance.  Dello Mano offers a high tea including their famous brownies and cakes set amidst the art deco architecture of the understated grandeur of the Arcade. 

Dello Mano High Tea

Dello Mano High Tea bookings can be made onlineor by calling the Dello Mano Tattersalls Arcade store directly on 07 3210 1168.

Should you decide to venture out, there are lots of things to do in Brisbane around the Tattersalls Arcade. Literally seconds from the Dello Mano Tattersalls Arcade door is a treasure trove of  high end fashion shops including Channel, Burberry and Hermes.  If you're in the mood for something other than shopping however here are a few other things to do around the Tattersalls Arcade. 

Macarthur Museum

Located a short stroll across from the Tattersalls Arcade, the MacArthur Museum houses the original  Brisbane office of General MacArthur . The office and its contents sit exactly as it was when the General left Brisbane back in 1944.

MacArthur Museum Brisbane

MacArthur Museum Brisbane - Image courtesy of Must Do Brisbane

The museum is somewhat of a locals secret and yet so worth taking the time, on your next Brisbane visit to pop in and absorb a little history not only of Brisbane but the entire region.

From this Brisbane room, General Douglas MacArthur directed the Allies successfully holding back the Japanese Invasion.of the entire Pacific Region. The General's original green leather chair remains at the desk and Brisbane visitors can sit at the conference table where strategies were discussed. 

MacArthur Museum

Level 8

Macarthur Chambers

201 Edward St


Tue 10am-3pm

Thu 10am-3pm

Sun 10am-3pm


Archives Fine Books

Head out onto Edward St. from the Tattersalls Arcade. Turn right and head south toward Charlotte St..

Archive Fine Books is located at 40 Charlotte St. and is said to house over one million fine books.  The extensive range of rare editions, collectibles and prints is an absolute joy to the book lover. 

Archive Book Depot Brisbane

The Archive Book Depot - Image courtesy of Must Do Brisbane

The Book treasure trove is rather perfectly located in an old 20th Century Warehouse that really does add some magic to the overall experience.

A city secret, set aside time on your next Brisbane visit to be consumed in this joyous book bounty.

Archives Fine Books

40 Charlotte St


Opening Hours


Commissariat Stores

A 5 or ten minute walk up Charlotte St. from the Tattersalls Arcade, tucked away from the city bustle you'll find one of only two remaining Brisbane Penal Settlement buildings.

Commissariat Store Brisbane

Commissariat Store Brisbane - photo courtesy of Must Do Brisbane

The Commissariat Stores were erected using local quarried porphyry rock. The Stores were was built by the convicts to centrally store and distribute food and other items such as clothing and tools as it arrived from the wharf.

When free settlement was declared and the penal colony closed, all but two convict built buildings were retained in Brisbane. The Commissariat Stores became a government stores building and so has survived to this day.

It is open as a permanent exhibition of Colonial life in Brisbane and often has periodic related exhibitions.

Commissariat Stores

115 William St


Open Tues - Friday 10 am - 4pm


Dello Mano was created in Brisbane. Open 7 days a week it is located in the Tattersalls Arcade just down from the Hilton Hotel. Enjoy handmade brownies and cakes, coffee, tea, light savoury or indulge in the luxurious high teaset in the Heritage listed Tattersalls Arcade. 

Dello Mano Tattersalls Arcade

Open 7 Days

Mon - Thurs 7 - 5:30pm

Friday 7- 9pm

Saturday 9-5pm

Sunday 10- 5pm









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