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Continuing our exploration of the history of the Tattersalls Arcade, Dello Mano salutes their Brisbane CBD Brownie Store predecessor - Doree Mending Services.

Tattersalls Arcade History - Doree Mending

Doree Mending Service was a successful Brisbane Small Business spanning three generations of the Macdonald family. Through hard work, quality focus and commitment, the business operated through the toughest of Brisbane times, including the Great Depression and the War years. Doree Mending finally closed its doors at Shop 8B in the Tattersalls Arcade in Mid 2016 and the workroom space was filled by Brisbane Artisan Brownieand Cake inventors Dello Mano.

A Remarkable Small Business Story

In 1934, a year before construction of the Story Bridge, a young Alfred Macdonald, opened his business known as Doree. He had arrived earlier from England with excellent tailoring skills so with strong work ethic and devotion to customers, the business took off quickly.

Although business generally found it tough during the Great Depression, Doree flourished with people seeking clothes mending rather than replacement. The business also benefited during the Brisbane War Years, as the city experienced an influx of service people who required mending services.  At one point, the business employed 70 machinists and operated 3 locations.  Business prosperity at that time, probably best illustrated by their capacity to advertise during those years.


Tattersalls Arcade history - Doree Advertising 1940

Doree Advertisment 1930's - image courtesy of Doree website

History of Tattersalls Arcade - Doree Mending

Doree Advertisment 1940's - image courtesy of Doree website

Following Mac’s passing, his wife took over the business and continued to run it as well as raising three small children. According to the Doree website, she was well known for her friendliness and longevity.  She continued working and admirably retired after 55 years in the business!

The couple’s son George and his wife eventually took over running the business and eventually their son John became custodian.

Doree moves to Tattersalls Arcade

In 2002, Doree was forced to move from their Edward St. location due to demolition of the existing building.  The demolition of these premises would in turn make way for the construction of the new Queens Plaza.  Wishing to continue to trade close by, they set up Doree in nearby Heritage Listed Tattersalls Arcade. Tattersalls Arcade is located at 215 Queen St. Brisbane on the Queen St. Mall.

Although much of the market today is considered to have a “disposable” mindset, alterations and trade continued to be quite strong. Doree maintained an amazing brand presence even to this day. In May 2016, Doree finally closed it’s trading doors after 82 years of an outstanding small business journey.  A wonderful Brisbane Family Business story.

The images are courtesy of the Doree website and are shown with the intention of saluting and celebrating a wonderful Brisbane Family business.

Dello Mano is Ausralia's Brownie Pioneer and is open in the Tattersalls Arcade - 7 Days. Brownies, handmade cakes, cookies, high tea and light savoury are served. Coffee and Tea available till 15 minutes before closing.

Mon - Thursday 7 - 5:30pm

Friday 7- 9pm

Saturday 9-5pm

Sunday 10 - 5pm


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