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Last year the Brisbane Tattersalls Clubcelebrated the 25th anniversary of the Tattersalls acquisitive Landscape Art Prize. Initiated in 1990, the acclaimed  Art Contest has been celebrated by many high calibre Australian artists including Sybil Curtis, Maureen Hansen, Michael Nelson and Gordon Shepherdson to name only a few.

Art appreciation runs deep in Brisbane Tattersalls Arcade history. The arcade located at 215 Queen St Brisbane opposite the iconic, Brisbane Mall, Channel Store is Heritage Listed and is one of the oldest shopping arcades in the city.

Tattersalls Arcade Brisbane

Photo courtesy of Tattersalls Club Brisbane

Art has had its rightful place in the Tattersalls Arcade since the Club's 1926 beginnings. As early construction plans were drawn for the new Tattersalls Club, the Board commissioned significant 20th Century Australian artist Daphne Mayo to create frieze sculpturesto adorn the Queen St. Brisbane entrance to the Acrade. Daphne is famous for other work including her Tympanum at City Hall, her Women's Memorial at Anzac Squareand her contribution to the  establishment of an Art Library at Queensland University.

The Friezes at the Tattersalls Arcade Queens St. Brisbane

Frieze by Daphne Mayo over the door of the Dello Mano Store in the Tattersalls Arcade

Today at the Tattersalls Arcade, one of those friezes, stands proud over the Dello Mano store door. In a more contemporary sense, art in the Arcade, is well and truly alive evident in stores offering beautiful handmade jewelry, antique jewelry as well as handmade edible art in the form of Luxury Brownies and Cakes at Dello Mano.

"At Dello Mano  we've always celebrated art and we loved the idea of the art in both the history and the everyday of the Tattersalls Arcade. I've loved art since childhood and I am always keen to support Art wherever possible. When we first arrived in Brisbane, I jumped to the opportunity to be a Foundation Member at the GOMA in order to support Art in Brisbane." says Deborah Peralta co- founder of Dello Mano.

Art for Dello Mano is very much about food these days. Unique, thoughtful cakes carry the Dello Mano tradition of celebrating the hand made. And it was the art of food that drove Dello Mano creator Deb Peralta to fly off on an artistic bent, dare to dream and take the humble Brownie to heights never before seen in Australia. Dello Mano pioneered the Australian Brownie market. Back in 2006  when brownies were largely an unknown treat in Australia, Deb's artistic eye dreamed of a luxurious food brand with Luxury Brownies as the centre piece. The humble brownie was then given 18 months of Food Scientist Deb's time in extensive Brownie Recipe development, lashings of Dark Belgian Chocolate and unique beautiful packaging.  The result, a Brisbane Food Icon the Dello Mano Luxury Brownie, was borne.

 Dello Mano Luxury Brownies

Dello Mano though does not only restrict themselves to food art and include handmade art in each of its stores.  Says Deb, "We believe very much that our hands should be involved in every Dello Mano store. Our original store at Doggett St. Teneriffe included walls hand painted by Deb and her husband Bien - a mixture of plaster, gold glitter and various paint colours created a unique and ground breaking shop interior for the Dello Mano store."  

Dello Mano handmade walls at the original cafe

Dello Mano Bronwie - the original cafe+

The Tattersalls Arcade Dello Mano Store continues the tradition and showcasing handmade art in a sculpture known as "The Wall of Drawers" . Each drawer was painstakingly collected from road side trash collections and vintage stores by Deb and Bien and then sanded and painted. Their daughters and even Deb's parents all got involved in the painting process with each putting their own little stamp on the artwork. The result a beautiful 3 metre high art exhibit that quietly offers up the energy of one family's dedication as well as pays homage to the art of the handmade.

Dello Mano Wall of Drawers at the Tattersalls Arcade Brisbane

Dello Mano "Wall of Drawers" at the Dello Mano CBD Brisbane Store

Dello Mano is open 7 days a week at the Tattersalls Arcade in Brisbane.

The Tattersalls Arcade historic friezes can be admired 7 days a week during normal business hours.

You're always welcomed by the Peraltas to go sit alongside the Dello Mano "Wall of Drawers" and soak up the inspiration of a family's commitment to their beloved handmade Luxury Brownie business.

+Dello Mano Cafe Teneriffe has moved to Merthry Village - New Farm

Dello Mano Trading Hours at Tattersalls Arcade

215 Queen St.


Mon - Thurs 7am to 5:30pm

Friday 7am to 9pm

Saturday 9am - 5pm

Sunday 10am - 5pm

For further information about Dello Mano or call

1300 661 682


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