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             Brisbane, is a popular Australian city, known for its sunny climate and distinct old and new "Queenslander" architecture. As well as the sunshine, the city offers up a number of  historical and great landmarks to visit. If your're planning a visit to Brisbane then here are 5 uniquely Brisbane things to do:

  1. Newstead House

               First on the list is the "Newstead House" built in 1846. The old cottage in the Colonial-Georgian style is now furnished into a late Victorian style. The historic place is located in Newstead Park Cnr Breakfast Creek Rd & Newstead Ave ( opposite the Original Dello Mano kitchen at Breakfast Creek Wharf) and is open to public. Rich in history background the "Newstead House" is now a house museum for everyone to enjoy. It is managed by the Brisbane City Council. The Newstead House’s official website gives this indication of what to expect with your visit , "At first glance, the collections on display at Newstead House may appear bewildering. This is because the fashion for interior design and furnishings during the Victorian Era was very different to modern day fashions."

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   2. State Library of Queensland.

Established on 1896 and opened to public on 1902, the State Library of Queenslandcontains a significant portion of Queensland's documentary heritage. Up to this day, the library provides books to public libraries throughout Queensland. In this modern day, the establishment holds a free co working space, business studios, entrepreneur support startups to provide and support the people of Queensland. State Library of Queensland is located at Stanley Pl, South Brisbane Queensland.

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3. Brisbane Botanic Gardens, Mount Coot-tha

If you are looking for an ambience that's brought alive by mother nature, then Brisbane Botanic Gardens is where you should head when you next visit Brisbane. Located at Toowong, Queensland, Australia, at the foot of Brisbane's tallest mountain, Mount Coot-tha, there are lots of enjoyable features for those visiting Brisbane. Some of the best features of the Brisbane Botanic Gardens are their tropical display dome (a large lattice structure displaying plants from the tropics), Bonsai House, exotic rainforest, lagoon and bamboo grove and many more.

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4. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

The world's largest Koala Sanctuary is found here in Brisbane. For Koala lovers, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is a perfect destination on your next Brisbane visit. Founded in 1927, the sanctuary is the oldest Koala sanctuary in the world. Located in the Brisbane suburb of Fig Tree Pocket in Queensland,the 18-hectare sanctuary not only houses Koalas but also kangaroos, Tasmanian devils, wombats, echidnas, and various species of reptiles. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is a must-see-place for all animal lovers out there.

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5. Tattersalls Arcade

         If you're looking for a relaxing shop or wander in Brisbane city then head over to the beautiful Heritage Listed, Tattersalls Arcade Queen Street. Located on Queen Street Mallin the centre of Brisbane, Queensland, Tattersalls arcade has been one of Brisbane's premier CBD shoping destination since 1926. It is indeed one of Brisbane’s oldest and most prestigious shopping precincts. Set just off the bustling Queens St Mall that houses 700 retailers and receives 26 million visitors each year, the Arcade is a respite in luxury and relaxation.  In the beautiful granite and friezelined Arcade, you'll find an array of specialty stores including suburb jewelry Artisans, it is also home to the Brisbane's iconic Brownie and Chocolate Innovator Dello Mano. Located at Shop 8B Tattersalls Arcade, Dello Mano offers their beautiful Luxury Brownies,Handmade Artisan Cakes and a range of other delicious morsels as well as coffee and tea. If you're able to plan your Brisbane visit ahead allow some time to stop and  savour the heritage, art work friezes and delicious treats by stopping by for a Dello Mano High Tea.

Dello Mano store located in the Tattersalls Arcade

Dello Mano store offering Belgian Chocolate Luxury Brownies and other delights

Dello Mano is open in the Tattersalls Arcade 7 Days

Mon - Thurs  : 7am to 5:30pm

Fri : 7am to 9pm

Sat: 9am to 5:00pm

Sun: 10am to 5:00pm




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