Dello Mano Kitchen Today 6 June

June 06, 2013 2 min read

 Prepared for cafe, our delicious Dobos Torte - just amazing.

Busy day in the Dello Mano kitchen today - we made my favourite cookie - Pecan. It is so gorgeous with a soft powdery texture and  loads of pecan flavour. It's amazing how a flavour can take you back to someplace else - every time I eat one of these cookies I remember being a kid at the Vic Markets in Melbourne. Then, biscuits were baked fresh and absolutely fantastic - the flavour and texture of these cookies is very European.

 It seems Bien agrees!


Also on the go in the kitchen today, our kids cookies. Lovely soft butter cookie topped with bright coloured buttons. Always a pleasure to watch being prepared.As with all of our cookies, we hand roll and hand cut. There are no preservatives at all. Here we're cutting the cookie dough in preparation for those pretty little buttons.


and believe it or not, there is real precision in making each one special in terms of colour combination and placement of the buttons.

And then how beautiful they look going into the oven.

 Our kitchen was also graced today with delicious fresh herbs from Ms J's garden. Absolutely beautiful collection of Thyme, Parsley, Rosemary and Bay Leaf -  The perfect addition to our hand made soup for the cafe. Loved the aroma of these all day.

One of the lovely caring faces of Dello Mano xx


Hand making chocolate brownies takes a lot of concentration!

And out of the oven for the cafe, our divine Chocolate Souffle Cake (which also as a bonus is gluten free)


Did you bake anything today? Any left?




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