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Day in the life of Dello Mano - Test Kitchen Day

June 07, 2013 1 min read

Love a day in the Dello Mano chocolate brownie  test kitchen here in Brisbane. Not always easy to get the time  but I am two thirds of the way through development of a new brownie, dare I say possibly our best brownie? So must find the time to keep perfecting. Started the day admiring yet another bunch of herbs from the very dear Ms.J. Beautiful adornment to my work space.

So to work we go.....

Love the little pink sugar bits in the flour.

And the raspberries - divine

To this day still have to leave some in the bowl - got use to that with the kids.

I think here at Dello Mano we have officially declared Autumn extended :) so with that thought I continue to enjoy the beautiful colours in the garden. This beautiful ornamental grape just outside the door!

And what a great time it is for pumpkin. Finished d the day with Pumpkin soup and just a hint of ginger. To put Coconut milk in it or standard?

Another little thing that I enjoyed today - one of team Dello Mano went to Jamie's in WA and brought me back this little so souvenir.  We're big fans of Jamieat Dello Mano!

Anyone got a favourite Jamie recipe?


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