Chocolate Decadence

March 16, 2014 1 min read

Two thoughts to ponder:

1.Dello Mano is all about chocolate decadence and ....
2. There's nothing like Chocolate Cake on a Sunday.
With this in mind we set out today to create a new chocolate cake. Here it is - plate each slice with whipped cream and a few drops of  passionfruit as we've done here for a little extra pizazz. Mint leaves picked fresh from our herb garden add not only gorgeous colour but also a little mint flavour splash to the cream.
At Dello Mano we are all about a provincial style and we achieved this by just roughly layering the cake with chocolate. The big peaks and rolls of delicious chocolate render this cake mouthwatering.
The finished product - heavenly chocolate!
Just waiting for the sun to set and we'll enjoy this chocolate decadence with an icy cold Moscato.

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