Dello Mano visit to Ghana School

June 04, 2013 2 min read

Everyday during our Ghana trip, we at Dello Mano learned a little more about chocolate, cocoa growing and harvesting. We were really interested as well  to visit the communities that support the cocoa plantations. A tour to a local school that serviced one of the cocoa growing districts found us surrounded by enthusiastic kids keen to tell us about their favourite subjects and what they wanted to be when they grew up. Kids are kids anywhere arent they? - here I was in Ghana surrounded by kids excitedly telling me of wanting to be doctors, nurses, teachers and even a bank manager aspiration made a show!  For those who know me and are wondering, no, I didn't try and talk them out of the bank manager option. I did though make note, that no one said they wanted to make chocolate brownies. :) Tried telling them that we at Dello Mano make the best brownies in Brisbane, Australia and possibly the world - but still there were no takers :) ....Browniesaside, these kids are serious about education and it was a joy to experience that enthusiasm in their classrooms.

As a group we made a donation to undertake some capital works at the school. The allocation to be determined by the school principle. The kids were full of suggestions like a new school bus and one even requested a new road to the school because when it floods it is difficult to get to school.

We wanted to take over as well some gifts from team Dello Mano - here is one of the teachers accepting her classrooms gifts of stationary.

Gorgeous faces everywhere - if I wasn't homesick before, these images certainly got me pining for my own kids.

Me with gorgeous little Alicia.


The teaching team.

School is compulsory in Ghana, so as we traveled out of the city each morning bound for chocolate adventure,  beautiful images of kids going to school such as this one, will remain in my memory and heart forever.


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