March 21, 2017 2 min read

Deb & Bien were recently featured in the Queensland State Government Podcast Series- Starting your business.  As founders and creators of Dello Mano, Deb and Bien Peralta talk candidly during the podcast about their journey of igniting the Australian Brownie Revolution.

 Following a life changing trip to Italy in 2005, the Peraltas returned  to Brisbane with a dogged determination to launch their own small business. They'd dreamed of a small business since the mid 90's where the two would sit on the banks of the Sydney Harbour, picnic basket at foot and a pen to record all of their dreams.

Deb, originally a Food Scientist and later Brand Marketer for several multinational food manufacturers had honed in on an opportunity with the forgotten brownie. Not exactly an Australian food and largely forgotten about as viable dessert in a market at the time that was inundated with macrons and cup cakes, Deb decided that it was time for the Brownie!

Deb set out over the course of a year to redevelop her brownie recipe and fill it with chocolate so as to differentiate and really set her new Luxury apart from the brownie crowd. 

Undeterred by the lack of focus on the brownie or the work required to reposition the Brownie as a premium, upmarket food gift, the couple set out from their Brisbane home to rewrite the brownie recipe, develop new exquisite packaging and with all their prevailing passion they eventually sparked the Australian Brownie Revolution.

Listen up to the Podcast to hear how the couple came up with the Brownie idea and all the trials, tribulations and elation associated with inventing a new market category.

Deb & Bien have a corporate gift business and now have two customer stores that trade 7 days per week.:

  • Tattersalls Arcade, 215 Queen St. Mall Brisbane
  • New Farm Village, Merthyr Road. New Farm

 Dello Mano Founders Deb and Bien Peralta Podcast Starting a Business

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