January 12, 2022 2 min read

What's happening at Dello Mano

Several of our team members are in isolation as they're close contacts to Covid infections. Our other team members have been amazing in pulling through and keeping our orders moving.

All of our internet orders are operational. We have brownie delivery to Australia operational. Cake delivery Brisbane is also doing well. Cake delivery Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast are operational with couriers keeping up at the moment with demands.

We closed the New Farm cake storeearlier than usual today. As is reported in media outlets, the shelves at all supermarkets are empty. Coles New Farm is experiencing the same problems so we are also dealing with low foot traffic. According to quotes in the news, this issue with supermarket supply is anticipated to be around for at least the next 14 days. 

Brisbane city is quiet at the moment. With most offices following the Premier's suggestion and working from home there is little foot traffic. We are maintaining an open position at Wintergarden with limited trading hours. 

Today in the kitchen we decorated Red Velvet cakes- always a joy to watch. Something about the cream cheese frosting and its texture that is delightful!

We've also been busy taking a few photos of the Divine Chocolate Mousse Cake. Not sure if you have ever tasted it but it's a delicious brownie cake. The base of the cake is our original Luxury Brownie recipe. We then pile on Belgian Chocolate Mousse and drizzle it with chocolate ganache. Each of the decorations on the cake are edible and handmade by us at Dello Mano. It is always the sign of a good cake when you can happily eat the cake  decorations! 

Hope your Wednesday was good and all is safe and well at your house.

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