February 10, 2018 1 min read

Dello Mano is a brownie love story. We know the moment the inspiration for Dello Mano struck. We'd traveled to Italy with our young daughters. The trip was a mission of sorts. For various reasons, after having our daughters, we'd begun to question the food we were eating and selling. Our jobs in multinationals had left us longing for the connection to the handmade food that was before plastic flow wrapping, preservatives and pretend flavours. So we wandered through the streets of Rome exploring so many of the city's best in pasticciera (pastry) , panetteria (bread) and even latteria (cheese and milk). All of a sudden the scenes of the ordinary became the inspiration. We were in love with the emotion of the store keepers almost gifting their customers with their goods. The Dello Mano inspiration was born.

We came back to Australia with a Dello Mano why - read more here

Brownie chocolate gifts are perfect this Valentine's Day.


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