Vegan Easter Egg Shaped Brownies are back!

by Phoebe Peralta April 01, 2020 2 min read

Dello Mano Vegan Easter Brownie Eggs are back in 2020. Crafted using Dello Mano Luxury Vegan Brownie, Vegan Creme and finished with Vegan Chocolate Easter egg shape this the perfect Vegan gift for easter. Presented in a beautiful gift box and ribbon it is a lovely way to say you're thinking of a friend, loved one or team member. Order Vegan Brownie Easter online for home delivery or pick up at our Merthyr Village Cake shop. Call Bien your personal shopper for assistance 0498002468 .

Dello Mano also offers Vegan Brownie Gift Boxes that can be delivered to Brisbane, Australia or the world. 

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What came first the person or the egg- Gingerbread that is... ?

by Phoebe Peralta March 31, 2020 2 min read

What came first the Person or the Egg is a reference to Dello Mano Gingerbread. Dello Mano has been making traditional Gingerbread for a number of years, and this year their Gingerbread Easter Eggs are ready and available for delivery to Brisbane, Australia and you can even deliver Easter to the world. Order online or ring the HOTLINE 0498002468 and talk to Bien for any assistance. Dello Mano Easter Eggs will also be available in store in limited numbers - you can call Bien to discuss. Dello Mano has been delivering food gifts since 2006
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Dello Mano explores how the Easter Bunny come about?

by BRAD OUT OF THE SAND BOX March 23, 2012 2 min read

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