January 31, 2022 3 min read

Diary 31 Jan 22 - Brownie Facts

Dello Mano began in 2006 and so we feel we know some Brownie Facts.

We've been at brownies now it's hard to believe for 15 years. We pioneered Brownie gifts in Australia. Back then Brownies were a non event in Australia. The rage was Cup Cakes and Macrons. Brownies were not considered a thing and believe it or not we had quite some time getting the old Brownie to be accepted.

Of course it didn't help that we launched to the customer in the middle of the Brisbane Summer. Like all entrepreneurs it was time to get going and so the moment we were ready we just went out and got started. 

I'd spent the year before developing a Brownie recipe that would take the dry cakey brownie recipe and make it luscious, luxurious and a beautiful brownie gift. With small kids, a day job and a budding brownie business we decided it was time to "just do it". A friend had given me a fridge magnet with those same words so every time I saw it I just knew there was no better time to start than asap!

Having innovated and created the Brownie Market we are known as the Brownie Pioneers. We first sold direct to our customer at the New Farm Farmers Market. Back then the Farmers Market was invitation only. After presenting our product a very serious vetting by the Farmers Market owner Jan Powers ensued. We were thrilled the moment she have us the ok to be a marketer!  Jan was known and admired for her high quality standards. She after all had a wonderfully developed brand and was very careful with how she executed against it.

We started at the markets in the middle of the Summer Brisbane Heat. It was about 30C and in Brisbane humidity that is hot. Very hot ,and we were selling brownies. Something that most people were not of the mind to buy. Still we persevered.

Our combination of the passion for the seeds of our small family business and our belief in our product kept us going. All of that and the fact that Jan always supported us. On the first day Jan bought 4 of our Classic Brownie Gift Boxes boxes. She was so wise. Unbeknownst to us back then in many ways it was her belief and support of us that put wind in our sails and kept us going.

Here we are fifteen years later and we think we know a thing or two about Brownie Facts. Here are a few:

  1. The origin of the Brownie is a contentious issue. At Dello Mano we align ourselves with the theory that the brownie was created at the Palmer Hotel in Chicago. We made a pilgrimage to the Palmer Hotel in Chicago, meeting with the current chef and toured the Brownie Museum. 
  2. To achieve a cake like brownie recipe use more flour and some baking powder. The recipe method is likely to include a typical butter/sugar creaming component.
  3. A fudgy brownie recipe will have less flour and no baking powder
  4. If your brownie recipe calls on cocoa powder then use the best you can as the flavour will most definitely be improved with the better quality. The same goes for chocolate in Brownies.
  5. A chewy brownie recipe will usually use more eggs. 
  6. The Brownie has its own celebration dayin the USA - the 8th December
  7. A gluten free brownie recipe will usually include a nut meal (almond meal or similar) or gluten free flour. 
  8. The Brownie is mentioned in two of my favourite movies - Notting Hilland Under the Tuscan Sun
  9. Katherine Hepburn is the most celebrated celebrity brownie recipe

If you have a fun fact about Brownies let us know.

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