January 30, 2022 3 min read

Diary 30 Jan 22 - New PICK UP Location Announcement

We're delighted to announce our new Dello Mano Online Order Pickup Location is at the Coffee Commune in Bowen Hills.

Place your Brownie or Cake order online as usual. If you prefer choose the new Coffee Commune Pickup location when you get to the shipping/Pick up option at the Cart. Choose as follows:

Coffee Commune (4006)

82 Abbotsford Road

Bowen Hills, 4006

If you've any questions about how to order Dello Mano online or the order you've made, as always contact Bien 0498 002 468

About the Coffee Commune

The Coffee Commune is an exciting innovation by Phillip Di Bella and his team. The founding concept is both inspirational and much needed for the small business community. It's a place where like minded coffee and hospitality people can come together, collaborate, create and connect with each other.

Phillip has long advocated for small business and this is a great platform for him to continue this important work. The Coffee Commune is membership based and provides an amazing resource for small business /cafes.

As a small business we can vouch for Phillip's support. In the early days of our business ( 2006) we were developing our Espresso Walnut Brownie. As with everything we do at Dello Mano we wanted authentic flavour so we needed real espresso. Our budget was tight and we didn't have a café so we looked for a machine that was affordable and could do the job. Bien contacted Phillip by chance. Phillip listened to what we were doing and as a great support of fellow business he gave us a machine. We were blown away with his support and generosity. Something we never forgot. Years later when we opened our own cafes we didn't think of any other coffee than Di Bella. 

The Coffee Commune seems very much an extension of the support and value Phillip has always given to other small business. It's members can sign up for training, book meeting spaces and even roast their own beans. 

The option for café owners to roast their own beans is brilliant. There's significant value for cafes to differentiate their business by offering a uniquely branded coffee bean/blend. At the Coffee Commune booking a roaster for a small batch has never been easier. A great benefit for the café owner but also great for the café industry. Increased involvement developing a specific and unique café  blend is not only about the café and owner. On a macro level this detail helps take the art of coffee to new levels. Literally helping take coffee from commodity to specialty.  As the café owner is more involved, naturally the customer becomes more educated and can understand more about coffee and pricing. This is great for the café industry.

Walking into the Coffee Commune is a fabulous experience. Leave the busy Abbotsford Road and enter into a truly creative space. The interior design immediately sparks the joy of innovation. It's a little like a creative laboratory. White and black features, big windows looking into the roasters and soft greenery treat the imagination. If the idea is to spark creativity for the small business then the interior alone does just that!

The Café and store at the the Coffee Commune are also open to the Public. Café owners and the Public can buy all the amazing coffee beans you'd expect from Phillip Di Bella. There's a menu just inside the door. With the café also offering a breakfast and lunch menu you'll find yourself deciding to relax and enjoy a moment. 

Don't stop at just a cup of coffee, pick up some beans to take home to enjoy with your cake or brownie gift order.

Order Dello Mano Online & Pick Up at Coffee Commune

Choose from our selection of cakes and brownies online. When you arrive at  the cart section choose Pick Up and there if you prefer select Coffee Commune (4006). Finalise your order the day before by 4pm and we'll deliver it to the Coffee Commune by 8:30 the next morning. You can pick up after 8:30 Monday to Saturday at the Coffee Commune. Closing time at the Coffee Commune is 3pm Mon- Friday and Noon on the weekends.

Note the Coffee Commune is closed Sunday. 

Located on Abbotsford Road ( the old Di Bella building) it's convenient with parking and easy access. 

Enjoy a coffee while you are there and soak up some of the passion and creativity the Coffee Commune imbues. 

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