January 17, 2022 2 min read

Diary 17 Jan 22

Monday morning rolls around fast. Our store trading times are listed today on the website and various social media accounts.

What a trying time this is! As a small business owner like most, these times are tough. It has been a long journey and the peak of Covid is apparently yet to come. It's been quite a ride - not one that any of us would have bought a ticket to ride!

Here at Dello Mano we've pushed on through thick and very thin and held up trading as best we can across the business. With people isolated and working from home we continue to operate online and our deliveries are up and running. Order online for cake delivery, brownie delivery and iso care hampers

Balancing against current and potential Covid threats has been an ongoing issue for our team. We've shops at New Farm and Wintergarden Brisbane CBD and our central kitchen to staff and supply.

Will everyone eventually get Covid infection? According to this expert not necessarily. The Health authorities though have recommended gearing up with a Covid kit set up at home. Seems that planning and putting together a kit will put us in a better position for what might be the inevitable. 

With such high infection rates in houses or work where people spend 4- 5 hours together, the thought of many being infected during the coming peak seems to be a risk to manage. A risk from both a health and potential business threat. We should all as households and business' be planning ahead with a risk assessment strategy.

For our part as a small family business we've followed the guidelines and set up a Covid Kit for home.  For our team and business planning ahead we've determined that the best strategy wherever possible is to try to reduce overlaps in staff. By limiting team cross over wherever possible we hope to ensure continuity of team and trading across these difficult times. 

Thankfully our customers and team have appreciated our careful and paced approach. 

Any small business owners out there want to share their stories of difficulties during this heightened Covid time? What planning are you doing?   

Please stay safe.

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