December 01, 2021 2 min read

Our Christmas Brownies are back! First debuting in the early days of our original kitchen at Breakfast creek these brownies have continued to be a personal favourite.

Christmas Brownies open with brownie product showing from Christmas themed foil

Starting our business was busy. We had two small girls and lots on the go. We'd shifted to Brisbane and for that first year of business we were couldn't see our family at Christmas. By the way :) that also meant not collecting our usual Christmas pudding.

The problem of no pudding found a unique solution with the idea that we'd use our Brownie kitchen and innovate by developing a Christmas Pudding Brownie. I based the Brownie recipe development on Mum's traditional well tested recipe including all the same marinated fruits like figs, sultanas, prunes and currants tossed with traditional Christmas spices.

Our Christmas fruits are always gently marinated in Brandy and these days we use a hand crafted beer from the Newstead Brewing Company. The later adds rich earthy tones to the Brownie. A family owned, local Brisbane business Newstead Brewing has all the passion for Beer that we have for Brownies :). Everything we look for in a collaboration.

A Dello Mano Brownie Gift Box with red Christmas ribbon, pine and red baubles

Over the years following the launch of the original Christmas Pudding Brownie we added a couple of extra flavours. We followed with Brandy Plum and then Spiced Apricot Brownie. These three flavours have remained the same Christmas Brownie mix since the beginning and are what we continue to offer each Christmas.

Imagine Apricots slow marinated in rum then tossed with a mix of mildly peppery spices, pure vanilla and orange. This heady concoction then mixed with Dark Chocolate and other goodies to create the Dello Mano Spiced Rum Brownie. A slightly warm, peppery back note and luscious plump apricots makes for a really special Christmas treat.

If you let your imagination continue to wander. Think prunes plump with Brandy, Christmas spices, raisins and dark chocolate and you'll start to taste the sweetness of the Brandy Plum Christmas Brownie. 

It's hard to resist the allure of marinated Christmas fruits and Dark Belgian Chocolate. Sophisticated and elegant these Brownies are strictly for grown-ups.

The Dello Mano Christmas Sampler pack is available in 9 piece and 16 piece gift boxes. Order Christmas Brownies online or call 0498002468

Stocks of these handmade Christmas brownies are limited so please place your order early. Also available at either of our Brisbane stores - Wintergarden Brisbane CBD and New Farm.

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