November 29, 2021 2 min read

This year there'll be a very Merry Vegan Christmas with the launch of our new Vegan Rum Balls.  Rich and deliciously moreish our Vegan Rum Balls are handmade using our own Vegan Brownie, Vegan Caramel , Coconut, Sultanas and Rum.

Legend has it that Rum balls were first attributed to Danish bakers. Always with left over cake at the end of the day and forever inventive, the bakers figured out a way to use their left overs. By taking the cake at days end and rolling it in coconut or chocolate they produced a new product ready to tempt customers the next  morning. 

Traditional Rum Balls these days are made with Sultanas, Cake or Biscuit Crumb and condensed milk. Of course Rum is included to make these a very special Christmas treat.

Now these days with increasing demand for Vegan Food Gifts, we've created a modified Rum Ball by using our own proprietary Vegan Caramel. Our Vegan Rum Balls are juicy moist and full of flavour. They offer a true punch of Rum so you'll  definitely delight with this Christmas gift. 

Each Rum Ball is hand rolled in the traditional manner. We combine Vegan Biscuit Crumb, Vegan Caramel, Sultanas and real Rum to create a Vegan Christmas gift or Vegan treat that is memorable.

These delicious little morsels rolled in coconut come in a pack ready as the perfect gift for a Vegan. Kept refrigerated they will last well into the Holiday season. 

If you'd like to build a more substantial Vegan hamper or gift combine the Vegan Rum Balls with several other of our Vegan handmade gifts like Vegan Cookies or Vegan Brownies. The later being available in a number of sizes from 16 piece, 9 piece, 6 piece and 4 piece Brownie gift Boxes

These Rum Balls makes for a great accompaniment and a flourish of extra Christmas cheer to our Vegan Brownies and Bubbles Hamper

Delight with a wonderful handmade Vegan Christmas food gift from Dello Mano this Christmas. 

We've limited stocks so if you're interested in handmade Vegan gifts for Christmas then place your order now. Any questions call 0498002468 and we'll be happy to help.

Order online for Vegan Christmas Gift delivery Australia wide or pick up at either of our Dello Mano Stores in Wintergarden or New Farm.

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