The Secret Latin Ingredient: Dulce De Leche

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Dulce de Leche (pronounced DOOL-seh deh LEH-chey), translates from the Spanish as "Sweet of Milk"  is the secret ingredient used often in Argentinian desserts. It  hails from Buenos Aires and apparently dates back to 1829. Legend has it that is was created by accident as a servant distracted by two Generals, left a pot of milk and sugar boiling  creating what is now one of the most loved dessert components in Argentina. Used as a spread on bread or in pastries, Dulce de Leche takes the simple to sublime!

Dello Mano Brownie & Dulce de Leche

With a Spanish family back ground, we've long been fans of Dulce de Leche and we've recently launched Dello Mano Luxury Brownie Tart lavishly filled with the sweet creamy delicacy. True to our form we hand make the Dulce de Leche in our Dello Mano kitchen here in Teneriffe Brisbane and we finish the tart with a gorgeous bitter sweet dark chocolate.
Dulce de Leche can be made at home or can be bought in some specialty stores.
Making it at home is relatively easy although time consuming and you do need to keep stirring to prevent it from burning.

Making Dulce de Leche at home:




  1. Add all ingredients to a large, heavy based pot
  2. Place on low heat and stir until sugar is dissolved
  3. Stir continuously/regularly until the mixture is reduced and change to a dark caramel colour - approximately 2 hours
  4. Cool and store in the refrigerator

    Some other uses for Dulce de Leche include warming it and drizzling over ice cream or pouring over pancakes or crepes. For the moment we are going to enjoy it with our Dello Mano brownies. Do you have a favourite dessert with Dulce de Leche?  Enjoy!

      Perfect Pie ...must have chocolate

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      Winter is here and it's time for the perfect pie....not any pie, chocolate pie of course! Use any biscuit or in our case luxury brownie as the pie crust and use this recipe to prepare the most luscious chocolate filling. Serve with double cream and/ or ice cream and brownie points for all.

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      Dello Mano Proudly Supports AIM Fundraiser

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      Again this year Dello Mano proudly supported the AIM International Women's Day fundraising Debate and Luncheon.

      The debate topic for 2014 was – “That women need to lean in or miss out” and the negative team won this debate.

      The Table of Winners of Dello Mano Luxury Chocolate Brownies

      We're told the event raised $57,500 in 20 minutes of ticket selling and the six benefiting charities for 2014 who will all received a cheque for just over $9,000 each and are listed below:
      Bush Heritage Australia
      QUT Learning Potential Fund
      KIDS Helpline
      AIM for the Stars Foundation
      Tech Girls are Superheroes

      Winning Table Dello Mano Handmade Chocolate Salamis

      Well done AIM, I know how much work goes into organising this event and it is always an amazing time.

      Anyone have any comments on the debate topic "women need to lean in or miss out"- love to hear your comments.

      Chocolate Decadence

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      Two thoughts to ponder:

      1.Dello Mano is all about chocolate decadence and ....
      2. There's nothing like Chocolate Cake on a Sunday.
      With this in mind we set out today to create a new chocolate cake. Here it is - plate each slice with whipped cream and a few drops of  passionfruit as we've done here for a little extra pizazz. Mint leaves picked fresh from our herb garden add not only gorgeous colour but also a little mint flavour splash to the cream.
      At Dello Mano we are all about a provincial style and we achieved this by just roughly layering the cake with chocolate. The big peaks and rolls of delicious chocolate render this cake mouthwatering.
      The finished product - heavenly chocolate!
      Just waiting for the sun to set and we'll enjoy this chocolate decadence with an icy cold Moscato.

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      10 Interesting Chocolate Facts

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      1. Chocolate can make you happy

      Chocolate contains a chemical called serotonin which is a natural anti- dperessant or mood enhancer

      2. Chocolate takes a lot of cacao beans

      It takes about 400 cocao beans to make about 500g of chocolate

      3. Chocolate is most popular in Europe

      Europeans eat more chocolate than anyone else in the world.

      4. Chocolate contains anti-oxidants

      Researchers have found that there is potential for chocolate to offer a number of health benefits. Really dark chocolate is the only beneficiary of such a claim

      5. Chocolate was once used as money

      The Mayans (thought to have invented chocolate) used cocoa beans as currency. It is thought that the Aztecs went on to also use cocoa for trading.

      6. Chocolate used on postage stamps

      in 2013 Belgium's Post Office launched a limited edition postage stamp series that smelt and tasted like chocolate. The varnish on the stamps apparently contained 40% of a cocoa product.

      7. Chocolate as fuel

      Scientists have powered a car with chocolate used to feed bacteria which in turn produced hydrogen as fuel

      8. Chocolate by the equator

      75% of the worlds cocao trees grow just 8 degrees from the equator

      9. Chocolate is a complex chemistry of flavour and aroma

      The cocoa bean naturally contains 300 flavours and 400 aromas

      10. Chocolate chip cookie first

      The chocolate chip cookie was invented in 1937 by Ruth Wakefield





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      Another cake delivery success story

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      A little while back we extended our Dello Mano luxury brownie delivery service to include our Luxury Cakes. 
      We now deliver our gorgeous hand made cakes around Brisbane metro bringing great produce to people unable to make it to our store here at Teneriffe.
      Today we received another great  Dello Mano Cake delivery success story from Sach having ordered her cake on line she wrote on our website:
      " I wanted to treat my mother with a high quality cake on her birthday. I was looking online for gourmet cakes in Queensland and Dello Mano was the only store in the area I could find. It had a variety of specialty cakes that suited my fancy and I knew she would like them. She likes cakes with less cream and it's hard to find one like that in Australia. I picked the apple cinnamon one because it seemed different to the regular mud cakes that you can get any where. All my family loved it, of course I was not there to eat it as I am in a different state to my family. Communication was great in dello mano, I called to check where the delivery man was and they were able to track down where it was and what time so someone can be home to receive it :) It would be good if there is an option online to say what time we would like the cake to be delivered at. thanks to all at dello mano for making my mother's birthday a bit more special :) "
      Choose from a Luxury Cake range and order online or browse this link to see our Luxury Cake Catalogue. and then call us to order by phone or order on line
      1300 661  6821300 661  682
      We make to order so 24 hours notice is generally required for a specific cake -although we generally carry cakes for purchase we may not have your particular choice unless ordered.

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      Why the end of summer has some advantages.

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      Pizza Peralta style

      Cooler days

      Although the lovely long days of summer are fading, there are some real advantages to the coming of the cooler days. I guess I like Summer as much as the next person. Certainly living here in Brisbane we enjoy lots of warm days just perfect for swimming and the beach however, there's something really exciting about cooking in the cooler months. The shorter days bring a fresh round of enthusiasm to cook in the cooler weather and yet at this transition time, still enjoy the bright daylight we have at days end. Dessert of course comes into its own - now it feels really comforting to enjoy pastry and chocolate in all it's glory - both at Dello Mano and at home.

      Comfort Time - get the oven going!

      So lets make the most of the transition, enjoy what we can outdoors, use the oven more and start to enjoy some great chocolate and pastry as we embrace Autumn. One of the things we like to do as a family is enjoy the last bastions of the verandah and its view of the sun set, by cooking pizza. We make the dough in advance so at the end of a long day we have it ready to go. We enjoy the creativity of using what we have available but more often than not it is prosciutto and olives that usually take centre stage.
      Sharing different types makes it more fun
      Sour cream always makes it more fun!
      Olives coupled with  basil fresh from the garden make a favourite
      We love chocolate and pastry anytime of the year, however there is something exciting about being back in the kitchen baking after the long summer. Fresh with this enthusiasm, we were inspired to do a traditional Tarte Tartin to finish off this meal. What a treat!
      Traditional Tarte Tatin
      Gorgeous, gorgeous caramelised apple - it is amazing. Definitely warranting a close up - here it is!
      Caramalised apple on our Tarte Tatin
      If you'd like the recipes just let me know. Although Summer has technically ended, enjoy returning to the oven and these last throws of warm, long days.

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