Home is where your books are....

May 20, 2013 2 min read

Yesterday, I read a quote in the weekend newspaper - " home is where your books are" . The thought really resonates with me as I can't think of a better place to retreat than to a pile of my books or magazines! Love a few hours just pouring over books, old and new magazines dreaming over great dishes and delicious desserts.  I know over the years having moved and put things into storage that it never really feels right until the books are all unpacked and placed on shelves. The shelves over the years have been anything from cardboard boxes to planks on bricks - doesn't really matter so long as they are there!



A favourite chair surrounded by books is my idea of pure heaven! I have to say, many moments of Dello Mano inspiration and chocolate inspiration have been had sitting in this chair surrounded by all of my books. And the chair, dare I mention (forgive me Ms N) the orange chair, was a broken down find from New Farm Antiques that I painted orange a couple of years ago and then found this most uplifting floral fabric to have it recovered. Such a happy space! I move to chocolate brownie inspiration the moment i hit the chair!


And then in full research mode,  there are all those back issues of the likes of  Gourmet Traveller and others to rekindle old favourites. I keep many of my favourites out in arms reach regardless of their date of issue.



And just in case I run out of reading material, there are all those archives! The reading journey happily never ends...



What about you - is home where your books are? What about your library or favourite books?

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