October 06, 2016 2 min read

Brownie Hearts Solo

A heart for brownies was the seed that lead Dello Mano, founders Deborah & Bien Peralta to defy the market and pioneer their Brownie chocolatey goodness back in 2006. When the market was clearly saying cupcakes and macrons, these entrepreneurs had only brownie hearts. 

A Heart for Brownies led to Brownie Hearts

"Back in 2006, Brownies were simply ignored in the Australian chocolate and dessert market" said Deborah Peralta. " We had many years of experience in Chocolate food science and new product development and so decided to take the then very forgotten brownie and launch it into super stardom" chipped in Bien Peralta.

"From the beginning our hearts were in brownies,so it wasn't long after launching, we developed the first heart brownie for the Valentines Day of 2007. Brownies as chocolate gifts and heart brownies were so new to the market at that point. Our first Valentines Day was crazy. We had no idea how to deliver our heart brownie so we hired two little trucks and drove all over Brisbane with my parents as co -pilots. They are both from Melbourne, so it's safe to assume the day was a day of hairy navigation!" laughs Deborah. One by one though those brownie hearts were delivered though bringing both joy to the recipients and sparking a now ten year tradition of Brownie Hearts by Dello Mano.

Brownie Hearts all lined up

Brownie Hearts a Decade On

The tradition of Brownie hearts has continued through thick and thin as the Peraltas continued their quest to reinvent their ground breaking chocolate desserts. " We look back now and think how adventurous it was to take on brownies, given their forgotten position in the market however our unique brownie recipe, chocolate gift box concept and brownie hearts were taken up by loyal market customers, movie stars and even world Presidents" said Deborah." We continue to develop our brownie hearts showcasing brownies in our food is art theme. Launched this Spring our rainbow decorated brownie heart finished with a hand made white chocolate rose is a fabulous chocolate gift.  Each rose on top of the brownie heart is finished with gold dust, conjuring thoughts of our original magic brownie dream." laments Bien.

Dello Mano continues to lead the way in brownie innovation and creativity with their brownie heart gifts. Available in a clear corsage style showcase gift, the food and art brownie heart is the perfect chocolate gift. Available at both Dello Mano stores in Brisbane CBD Tattersalls Acrade and the Teneriffe Store.

The Spring Rainbow Brownie Hearts are limited edition, handmade from the finest ingredients and always with the Original Dello Mano Brownie recipe.  

Dello Mano Brownie Heart Centre Stage

Deborah and Bien Peralta celebrate a decade of hearts filled with brownies later this year.

Call Dello Mano and ask for Bien on 1300 661 682 for more information.


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