February 08, 2022 2 min read

Valentine's Day gifts are available at Dello Mano now. We have a range of deliciousness to share with your loved one. Choose from these scrumptious and pretty gifts. 

Luxury Brownie Gift Boxes

Choose from our Classic Luxury Brownie or Mixed Chocolate Brownie gift boxes. This year you can select a red Valentines day wrap and special ribbon to make your gift even more special.

Valentines Day Brownie Gift Box

Valentines Day Brownie Gift Box

Valentine's Day Gingerbread Heart Cookies

Following the success of last years Valentine's Heart Cookies-they're back! Sweet gingerbread cookies, each individually hand decorated and packed in a pretty box ready to gift. Dello Mano is known for their soft, slightly chewy real gingerbread so this one is a cute and sweet gift. A great Valentine's Gift for him or her.

Valentine's Cookies

Dello Mano Handmade Valentine Cookie gift

Valentine Cookie Gift Box

Dello Mano Gingerbread Cookie Valentine Gift 

handmade heart cookie in hands

A handmade Ginger Heart Cookie for Valentine's Day Gift

Valentine Heart Brownies

For many years now our Valentine Brownie Hearts have been sent and given as delicious treats. We took our famous and Original Classic Brownie and made it into a heart. Hand decorated these little morsels are a cute way to say "I love you". Not so there is a brownie heart for everyone we offer Vegan Brownie Heatsand Gluten Free Brownie Hearts

Brownie Heart with pretty pink hand made decoration

Dello Mano Classic Brownie Heart - Perfect gift for Valentines Day

Gluten Free Brownie Heart for Valentines Day

Dello Mano Brownie Heart for Valentines Day Gift

Vegan Brownie Heart Gift

Vegan Brownie Heart Gift for Valentine's Day

Valentine Rose Cake

A gorgeous Valentine Rose Cake Gift finished with swirls of butter cream roses. A vanilla cake and butter cream frosting makes for a sweet Valentine. This cake is ready to gift in its showcase box finished with ribbon. A great Valentine's gift for her.

 Valentine Rose Cake Gift

Valentine Rose Cake Gift by Dello Mano 

Valentine's Day Gift  Delivery Brisbane

We're delivering on Valentine's Day in Brisbane. Order online now and secure your delivery of delicious Valentine treats now.

Valentine's Day Delivery interstate or outside of Brisbane (on the day)

We can deliver brownies and cookies to the other Capital cities though if you want your Valentines Day gift to be delivered exactly on Valentines Day we would not recommend sending our gifts to the other states. If on the other hand you just want to send a gift then we will deliver but not necessarily on Valentine's Day.

Order Dello Mano handmade Valentines Day gifts online now. 

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