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Gluten Free Valentine's Day Gifts can be hard to find. Especially so if you're looking for a gift that is both delicious and oozing with style. Dello Mano has you covered with our delicious Chocolate Gift Box of Gluten Free Brownies or even a beautiful gluten free brownie heart. 

Sideway view of the Dello Mano Gluten Free Brownie Gift

We began baking Gluten Free brownies back in 2007. At the time it was almost impossible to buy Gluten Free sweets ( or anything gluten free for that matter). We had a relative who found out late in life that she had Coeliac Disease. As it turned out she'd had symptoms since childhood. Still it wasn't picked up till she was mid life and for a food lover who had enjoyed social activities it was quite a shock.  

In those days things were a little dire when it came to gluten free food and gifts. In order four our relative to continue meeting up with her friends in a café, she'd have to bring her own gluten free sandwich. The team in the café would plate it up and serve it with her friends meals. Worse still she'd have to travel miles to buy gluten free bread in the first instance. With a penchant for sweets when her friends all ordered coffee she was left with no gluten free choices. At this point we decided to innovate and be the first to make a beautiful gluten free brownie treat and gift. Dello Mano Gluten Free Brownie Gift Box with red individually foiled brownies tucked into a brown and white striped box. Each individually wrapped gluten free brownie has a logo that says Dello Mano.

The Dello Mano Gluten Free Brownie Gift Box

We'd had our Original Classic Luxury Brownie on the market at the end of the year before the Gluten Free Brownie launch. As Brownie Pioneers we'd set the  brownie standard for flavour and texture very high. We spent months developing a gluten free brownie that was of the caliber that would be equal to, if not better than our Original Classic Brownie. We tried all sorts of gluten free flour, almond meal and other nut meals until we eventually settled on what became the first Gluten Free Brownie gift.

Today we offer Gluten Free gift delivery of our Chocolate Brownie gift boxes across Australia. We offer the Gluten Free Brownie gift box in 4 pieces, 6 pieces, 9 pieces and 16 pieces. There's a gluten free brownie for everyone.

Our gluten free brownies are now coming up to 15 years since we first launched them. That's almost a generation :). In fact we saw an old client at our Wintergarden Brisbane City store the other day. She was down from North Queensland to visit Brisbane and reminded us that we had made her Gluten Free Wedding Cake all those years ago. 

We're asked lots of questions about our Gluten Free Brownies so here are a few answers:

How do you store gluten free Brownies?

Dello Mano Gluten Free Brownies are made with all the deliciousness you'd expect from Australia's Brownie Pioneers. We worked very hard in those early days to develop a gluten free brownie that was of equal or better than our original Classic Brownies. We'd led the way and created a Brownie market so it was really important for us to have a beautiful gluten free brownie. 

Our gluten free brownies will store in the refrigerator perfectly.

How long can you keep gluten free Brownies?

Our Gluten Free Brownies will store for months in the fridge if they are fully covered. Chocolate brownies and chocolate in general will pick up fridge odours so it's important to keep your brownies wrapped during storage.

What makes this recipe for gluten free Brownies special?

We worked tirelessly to innovate and develop the Brownie Market in Australia. It was not easy going as the market place was not so interested in Brownies back in those days. The rage at the time was cupcakes and macrons and so we worked hard handing out thousands of samples. Many people still remember us at the Jan Power's Farmers Markets as we handed out sample after sample of our classic and gluten free brownies.

It wasn't long though before we convinced Brisbane and then beyond that the brownie was an amazing sweet treat. In fact we not only convinced customers but we inspired a whole slew of brownie makers along the way. A new Brownie making business beyond ours was born.

A gift box of Gluten Free Brownie Heart. The Chocolate brownie heart has a pattern of swirls on top

The Dello Mano Gluten Free Brownie Heart 

Our Brownie hearts were launched shortly after the Dello Mano Classic Brownie Chocolate gift Box. We started the Brownie heartsas a novel way to offer gifts for special occasions. In those early days we did a Valentine's Day Brownie Heart and also a Mother's Day Brownie Heart. Since our brownies were so enjoyed we extended to the Brownie heart. Since first innovating the Brownie Heart we have in more recent years also offered a Gluten Free Brownie Heartand a Vegan Brownie Heart. This makes a gift for brownie lovers accessible for all.

Gluten Free Brownie is a showcase box with brown ribbon

Dello Mano Gluten Free Brownie Heart Gift Box

Order Dello Mano Brownie Hearts online for Valentines Day this year. We're offering delivery of Brownie Gluten Free Hearts to Brisbane this Valentines Day. We have a full range of Brownie Gifts for Valentines Day which you can see online.

Organise delivery of Brownies Brisbane or pick up your Gluten Free Brownie Hearts and Gift Boxes at either our Wintergarden or New Farm store. We also have a new pick up point for Gluten Free Brownie gift boxes and Gluten Free brownie heart gifts. This new Pick Up option is at the Coffee Commune 182 Abbotsford Road Bowen Hills.

A notice that say New Pick up location for Dello Mano at the Coffee Commune. The notice has a map with an arrow pointing to the location of the Coffee Commune

Dello Mano has a new Pick Up option at the Coffee Commune

If you're wanting to pick up at the Coffee Commune then order the day before by 4pm. We'll deliver at 8:30am and you can pick up from the Coffee Commune after that time. They're open until 3pm on weekdays, noon on Saturday and they're closed on Sundays.

 Hope your Gluten Free Valentine gift is well received!

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