May 26, 2019 3 min read

Brownie Co - Founder Bien Peralta celebrating!

Last Friday the Brisbane Queen St. Mall came alive with a wonderful initiative by Brisbane Marketing called Shop Brisbane. We at Dello Mano were so excited ( See image above  :) ) to participate in the event and sample our brownies to the thousands of Mall visitors on the day.

Shop Brisbane initiative by Brisbane Marketing

Designed as a means of encouraging a greater experiential feel in the Mall, coupled with an opportunity to promote business, the Shop Brisbane installation offered interactive activities like telescope viewing, free burger tasting and of course our brownie tasting.

Happy pastel seating including luxurious pink velvet couches and tall pastel bar chairs and tables offered a chance to stop and admire the Mall from a different and very relaxing perspective. City visitors and those working in the city were offered a fun day and something different from the ordinary.

Shop Brisbane initiative provided fun seating for the day in the Mall

We sampled our Dello Mano Luxury Brownies from a pretty stand located at the Edward St end of the Mall, not far from our own city store located in the heritage listed Tattersalls Arcade. On the day, we sampled and offered  all  13 varieties of our Brownies making for a very colourful presentation and many happy visitors. Everything from our origianal Classic Brownie ( the brownie that started the Australian Brownie revolution) through to Raspberry and Roast Hazelnut. As has always been our commitment we also offer a Gluten Free Brownie and a Vegan Brownie.  It was indeed the perfect opportunity to try the brownie flavour that you've always been wanting to taste!

Dello Mano Luxury Brownie display - peanut butter brownie recipeShop Brisbane City Cakes by Dello Mano

We took the opportunity on our stand to let people know that we offer birthday cakes and all types of cake orders - in fact any Brisbane Cake need that might arise!  Our Dello Mano store in the arcade also offers besides brownies,  High Tea, small individual cakes, savoury lunches, and wonderful tea and coffee. Seating at the store is located in the arcade and provides a restful refuge away from the city crowds. A great place to stop for a cake and coffee treat.

On board on the Shop Brisbane day, our friendly team offered brownie advice as well as all the care and friendly customer service that we've been known for over our now 12 years of operation.  

Dello Mano Luxury Brownie Sampling

Smiles at the Dello Mano Brownie stand

Returning back to the market stall is always such a natural fit for us.  In fact we began our business Dello Mano at the Jan Powers Farmer's market on a very hot summer January day back in 2007. We were perhaps crazy to launch a chocolate business in the heat of a Brisbane summer. Even crazier perhaps to launch a brownie business - brownies back then were not even a register on the minds of Australian customers. Committed though we were and so determined to take our dream to the market place that when the invitation from the highly respected food connoisseur Jan Power came, we jumped at the chance. Our handmade Belgian Chocolate brownies and gift box were an innovation of the time. Cupcakes and Macrons were all the rage in 2006, in fact, there were literally cupcakes everywhere - we were bold to launch brownies and yet 12 years later brownies have now been elevated to the top of the list of many treats and we've spawned a whole segment of brownies and brownie producers. 

The origianl brownie idea came from really not being able to find a decent brownie in Australia. Decent to Dello Mano co-founder Deb was one that was dense and jam-packed full of real chocolate. With a background in Food Science, she decided to create a unique brownie recipe that would eventually be enjoyed by Hollywood A listers, rock stars and even world leaders! 

Back then owners Deb and Bien inspired by a trip to Italy and the Slow Food Movement were committed to creating beautiful handmade food. To this day, Dello Mano brownies are all hand made in small batches using only real ingredients and with no preservatives or additives. Now backed by a team of brownie lovers, the philosophy at Dello Mano remains very much that luxury is the simplicity of real food made by hand. 

Team Dello Mano enjoying the afternoon at the brownie display

We hope you managed to visit our Shop Brisbane stand and if not, don't dispair just pop into our Tattersalls Arcade Dello Mano city store on any day and ask for a brownie sample. 

Dello Mano Stores are located at

Tattersalls Arcade - 215 Queen St Mall , Brisbane 

Merthyr Village - 83 Merthyr Rd. New Farm

or you can order online at or call 1300661682

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