January 24, 2022 3 min read

According to the Chief Health Office ( Qld) - The Brisbane Covid peak is expected in the coming days.  News agencies report that around 900 people are currently in hospital. Masks remain mandatory inside for all people. There are 250 000 recorded cases however Health Officer according to this 9 News report suggests that the real case number is most likely about 1 Million. I did see one report that said that the descension from the peak will be when hospital numbers decline for about 4 days consecutively. That is great news. Still though important to be vigilant as no expert seems to be able to predict if other variations will pop up. 

We're all exhausted now for sure. I thought at this point we'd be well braced for Covid impacts. Last week though things seemed to pull in all directions.

In a fight back situation we decided the best thing to do was send out positive energy. We understand what so many small business must be feeling at this point. Long days, issues at 360 degrees from all stakeholders in the business. So to help tame our anxiety we ran a competition to support small business. It was our way of saying we hear and know what small business is going through. At the same time we thought it was a great way to help allow other small business customers to connect with their favourites and reward them.

Our followers were offered the chance to  nominate a favourite small buisness and both they and the nominated small business were in a chance to win a chocolate gift box of luxury Brownies. It was We had 10 boxes to five away. The energy generated felt fantastic. So lovely to see small business recognised and also the lovely banter of support for them by our combined friends. We too felt the energy and enjoyed every minute.  The positive energy was amazing and something we like most people need at the moment. Thanks to everyone who entered. 

The winners of the Support Small Business competition were listed on a Instagram account ( @dellomano ) last night. We hope all ten winners can sit down and enjoy a brownie and a coffee.

Building on the thought of positive energy and drawing on much needed inspiration I started to think again about our trip the Segip in Rimini in January 2020. It was such a creative and inspiring trip. 

I wrote yesterday of the Bombolone deliciousness we'd enjoyed at Rinaldini's in Rimini following Fellini's 100th birthday cake. 

I sat down with my own brownie and watched a video Bien and I had filmed as we enjoyed our breakfast in Rimini at Rinaldini's. The full experience (albeit without the eating!) captured on video and the Bombolone I had for breakfast split away to reveal soft glorious oozing custard inside. It was divine then and very much fun to watch again.

The family started talking about it and before long one of us had mobilised. The kitchen was a buzz with all the work required to make Bomboloni. A Bomboloni recipe is a relatively long process, not really for the feint hearted. As we sat enjoying the fruits of the labour last night, all the work  seemed totally worth every minute (or hour). Great things take time and Bomboloni is no exception.

We filled our homemade Bombolone last night with a traditional custard filling. We didn't make the custard  with flour as I'd mentioned is often used in many Italian custard recipes. Lemon zest from our own home grown lemon trees really made for a fresh, flavoured custard. They were simply delicious!

Just to complete the full homemade story on these Bomboloni. Our lemon tree was prolific in its' harvest this year. We always recycle all the coffee grinds from our cafe back at home into a mix of compost, mushroom compost and leaf litter. Not only does it significantly reduce our land fill waste contribution at our New Farm store but really is wonderous for the garden.

Enjoying Bomboloni made with all the care this recipe deserves and using home grown lemons from our garden made for a wonderful family experience. 

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