February 12, 2022 2 min read

This week Queen Elizabeth celebrated 70 years of her reign with a Jubilee cake fit for a Queen. So many decades of service it seems only fitting that she celebrated the day with flowers ( the same posy style as was presented to her on the day of her Coronation) and of course a cake.

With the Queen now 95 and 70 years of dedicated service it seems a cake was well deserved. 

According to the Daily Mail, the Queen was happy and joked about her cake being upside down. When it was explained that the cake was around the other way for the benefit of the photographers she apparently quipped "Oh so they can see it ...I don't matter."

The homemade cake was a simply styled Gateau. The cake had handwritten piped frosting words saying "The Queens Platinum Jubilee 2022". In the centre of the cake was a lovely free hand piped crown which is the official logo of the Jubilee. The cake and board was finished with royal blue satin ribbon. 

The Queen apparently in a light hearted mood, further entertained with her humour. She reached for a large knife and stabbed the cake in the middle. According to reports she told guests "I'll put the knife in, see if it works" before adding: "Somebody else can finish it off".

The cake was presented at a special function held at Sandringham Castle. After cutting the cake, guests enjoyed Coronation Chicken Tartlets. tea and of course a slice of cake.

The Queen apparently is a fan of cake. According to an interviewgiven by  Darren McGrady a former royal chef, the Queen loves a slice of chocolate biscuit cake everyday. The Chocolate Biscuit cake is made in house and apparently has even traveled with her on the royal train. Got to love that dedication to cake!

With the main Jubilee festivities not until June this year, seems the Queen will be doing a lot of cake cutting between now and then. 

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