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March 1 2016

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MINI Golden Gaytime Ode

Dello Mano pioneered the humble brownie in Australia. In 2006 they began their unwaivering quest to take the brownie from the bottom shelf of the few cafes that stocked it and launch it to superstardom.

Creativity and Innovation remain a core part of the Dello Mano philosophy. Ten years on our culture is very much about change and innovation. Deborah Peralta co - owner was formerly Innovation Director for an International Food Brand and believes very strongly in the need for small business to keep innovating. "Brownies and cakes and really anything that is a treat, will always have very been inextricably linked  to  a customer need for innovation" she said recently."As a small family owned business we see it as critical that we keep ahead of the pace, creating new things to keep fun and happiness in our offer". 

Following on from the popularity of our Dello Mano Golden Gaytime Ode cake, Dello Mano have been inspired by their test driving of the  @daisyhillMotorline Clubman MINI delivery car and launched a range of our Luxury Cakes in MINI format. " Since we started test driving the new Cooper S Mini , we've had so much fun. We thought it perfect to take all the fun and technical precision of the new Mini Cooper S Clubman and make our most popular cakes in MINI size. It's another innovation for Dello Mano as we looked around and no one was doing the smaller cake size.

Dello Mano Golden Gaytime Ode MINI size


Now you can enjoy all that the Golden Gaytime ode has to offer - sumptuous Caramel Mudcake, piled high with Vanilla Custard Frosting and drizzled with Liquid Gold Caramel in a MINI size perfect for 1 or 2 serves. 

The Dello Mano Golden Gaytime ode has recently been described by Gourmet and Gourmandas challenging the real ice cream deal. Dello Mano have made this delicious treat available now  in the MINI size which is great for entertaining dessert or just to enjoy as a treat on the weekend. A great food gift to take along to share with friends.

Dello Mano Golden Gaytime Ode 16 cm cake

The Golden Gaytime Ode Cake family now includes the 10 cm MINI version, a 16 cm ( serves 6- 8)  and 22cm ( serves 12-14 ) and 30cm ( serves 25-30 ) versions.

The MINI version is a perfect Easter Gift and the larger cakes make a wonderful family Easter Gift.

Buy the Golden Gaytime cake online or visit  Dello Mano at Teneriffe. 

Call ahead to reserve your cake 130 661 682 or buy cake online



For More information and Images Please contact  Bien AKA Mr Brownie

p 0414 539 349 or 1300 661682


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