Gingerbread Christmas Tree

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Introducing the Dello Mano Handcrafted Gingerbread Christmas Tree, the perfect centerpiece for your festive table. Embrace the warmth of our small family business as we bring you a delightful creation that's lovingly made, delicious, and designed to be cherished. Our philosophy is simple: create handmade delights with a simple recipe ensuring every bite is fresh and soft. We proudly present our Gingerbread Christmas Tree – a taste of tradition, artistry, and festive spirit.

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 A Timeless Christmas Gift: Discover the epitome of elegance with our Handcrafted Gingerbread Christmas Tree, designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life. This masterpiece is not just a centerpiece; it's an artful creation, an embodiment of the season's magic, and an exquisite indulgence. Give the gift of handmade, beautiful, and sumptuous delight this holiday season.

A Festive Tradition: Experience the magic of the holiday season with our Gingerbread Christmas Tree, carefully crafted with love and passion. The tree stands at approximately 150mm high and 180mm wide, making it a wonderful addition to your Christmas table.

Layers of Delight: Our Handmade Gingerbread Stars are masterfully stacked, layer upon layer, creating a tree that is both visually stunning and scrumptious. EAch layer is adorned with royal icing, Real raspberries are delicately crushed and artfully sprinkled, adding a burst of natural sweetness and a touch of ruby elegance. Completing this masterpiece, pistachio pieces are finely chopped, offering a subtle, nutty sophistication. Each bite is an opulent experience, crafted with the utmost attention to detail.

Witness the Artisinal Creation: View the creation of our Gingerbread Christmas Tree in our video, showcasing the craftsmanship and dedication that goes into every piece. See the magic unfold at Dello Mano.

Exquisite Presentation: Your Gingerbread Christmas Tree comes presented in a beautiful showcase gift box, adorned while stocks last with Dello Mano's luxurious gold-embossed Christmas ribbon. It's the perfect gift for loved ones or an elegant treat for yourself.

Crafted in Small Batches: Our gingerbread is meticulously handmade in small batches, adhering to a philosophy of simplicity and purity. No preservatives, no additives, just an unparalleled, exquisite taste.

Local Excellence: Due to the fragile nature of our creation, we don't transport this product interstate. We believe in delivering the finest quality right from our kitchen to your home.

Please Note: Given the artisanal nature of our products, sizes may vary slightly. The listed dimensions are an approximation due to handmade nature. The Gingerbread tree is 150mm hight and 180mm wide.

Props Not Included: Photographic props, are not included 

Celebrate with Dello Mano: Elevate your Christmas celebration with the Dello Mano Handcrafted Gingerbread Christmas Tree. Experience the essence of our small family business and savour the luxury of handmade delights.

Indulge in the magic of Dello Mano – your destination for sophisticated excellence. While stocks last.

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