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Dello Mano appears on the television program " A great day out"

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Dello Mano recently appeared on one of Queensland's most loved television programs - A Great Day Out.  The program aired on Valentines Day, February 14th 2017.

Meet Deb & Bien Peralta who co-founded Dello Mano and learn a little more about their ten year long journey to bring the humble Brownie from obscurity to the lofty heights of being the treat of Hollywood A Lister Movie Stars, Rock Bands and World Leaders.

Deb & Bien Peralta Founders of Dello Mano Luxury Brownies Brisbane 2006

Dello Mano was conceived by Deb & Bien Peralta as a fulfillment to a long held dream of opening their own business together. Looking around Deb identified a gap in the market for brownies. "I was travelling a great deal during that time with my job and noticed that Brownies were mostly always pushed  to the bottom shelf of the cabinet. Always dust, cakey and forgotten I decided to use my Chocolate experience honed at Cadbury as the Head of New Product Development to rewrite the Brownie recipe and in doing so rewrite the future of the Brownie" smiles Deb.  "It was our dream to create a brownie so delicious and then re position it as a luxury gift that took us and our brownie recipe beyond the status quo" continues Bien. 

In those early days, the thought of a brownie business was almost inconceivable for most onlookers. "An important lesson we learned really on, was that as you launch a new business you are incredibly vulnerable. Anytime you're reaching out and you're exposing your creative self, it is a very confronting and puts you in a very vulnerable position " says Deb. " I guess what we weren't ready for was the amount of resistance and doubt from those onlookers. We were following a dream and we didn't stop once to think about whether it was crazy or not. We just kept going, believing in the Brownie and forging our way as the Brownie Pioneers. We were buoyed always by the fact that it was our own idea, totally creative and totally us" said Bien. 

Today Deb and Bien's Brownie innovation has not only spawned a little mini industry of Brownie producers, but has also led them to open two retail stores. If you are to visit Brisbane, then pop along to the prestigious Tattersalls Arcade and you'll find the Dello Mano store. If you are not heading for the city, their second store is in Merthyr Village a busy, quaint community style shopping centre in New Farm. 








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