December 06, 2017 2 min read

A Gingerbread House complete with Luxury Brownie Crumble Pathway

Christmas is fast approaching and Dello Mano continues to roll out their delicious and enchanting Christmas offer. The Dello Mano Gingerbread House is in store now. A delicious soft chewy gingerbread formed into a house topped with colourful confectionery it is sure to be a treat for young and old.

Keeping in the style of a Dello Mano Gingerbread house, the path leading up to the front door is, of course, their very own original Classic Brownie crumble. Now in their eleventh year, Dello Mano first launched the original Classic Brownie in 2006, pioneering the Australian Brownie market with their Luxury Brownie Gift Boxes.  Since its launch, the Dello Mano Luxury Brownie has been enjoyed by Celebrities, World Leaders, Movie Stars and Brownie aficionados the world over.

To each side of the Gingerbread house are Gingerbread Trees ready to be snapped and enjoyed by the kids on Christmas Day. A little adult treat at the Gingerbread House door is two rumballs each made also with Luxury Brownie that has been marinated just a little in real rum!

 Gingerbread house by Dello Mano front view

These gorgeous Gingerbread houses are available in one size and can be ordered online - Delivery is available through the Cake Delivery Brisbane service (given delicate nature they are not shipped around Australia as can be arranged for much of the Dello Mano range) or order online and pick up at either of the Brisbane Dello Mano stores.

Gingerbread houses are being stocked at both Dello Mano stores at New Farm Merthyr Villageand also Tattersalls Arcade storein Brisbane CBD though it is recommended to order so that you are not disappointed. 

Gingerbread house by Dello Mano

Dello Mano Stores are open 7 Days and you are invited to come try a sample of our products to taste the difference.

Established in 2006, Dello Mano is a small family business with anunwavering commitment to slowbeautiful food.Established after being inspired by the Italian Slow Food movement and the coveted role food plays in Italy, the founders Deb & Bien Peralta set out on acommitted journey tonurture the art and humanity that is so important in our food.

Find out why the called their business Dello Mano here.

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