November 24, 2017 2 min read

The Dello Mano family is extending its Ginger Cookie range this festive season. For many years, Dello Mano has handmade batches upon batches of its Traditional Ginger Nut Cookies and hand decorated Gingerbread People. This year, Dello Mano is excited to also launch beautifully decorated Gingerbread Christmas Trees and Houses.  

Traditional Ginger Nut Cookies

The crisp sugar coating contrasts the spicy, chewy inside. 

Handmade in small batches with quality ingredients, these Traditional Ginger Cookies are reminiscent of Christmas at Nan's. The crisp sugar coating contrasts the spicy chewiness inside. Rich and flavourful, these cookies are loved by many loyal Dello Mano customers every Christmas. Also the perfect snack for Santa on Christmas Eve. 

Dello Mano's Traditional Ginger Nut Cookies are available for pick-up in-store or for delivery Australia wide. 

 Gingerbread People

Dello Mano's Gingerbread People are fun for all ages as sweet decorations combine with the traditional ginger snap.

Christmas at Dello Mano always means Gingerbread people. Each person is lovingly handmade and decorated. Dello Mano's Gingerbread people achieve the perfect balance between soft chew and crisp snap. They are the perfect gift for your guests or for sharing with the family on Christmas day. 

Dello Mano's Gingerbread People are available for pick-up in-store or for delivery Australia wide. 

Gingerbread Christmas Tree

An elaborate edible decoration that is perfect for family festivities. 

This Gingerbread Christmas Tree is the perfect centrepiece for the Christmas Table - what better than a centrepiece that you can gradually eat as the day progresses. Handmade Gingerbread Stars beautifully stacked layer upon layer and finished with royal icing and gorgeous sprinkles of dried raspberry.

Our gingerbread is all handmade in small batches, and in line with Dello Mano philosophy, we do not add preservatives or additives. The Gingerbread pieces as a result of this process are fresh and soft to bite. 

Dello Mano's Gingerbread Christmas Trees are available for pick-up in-store or delivery to Brisbane Metro Areas. 


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