April 13, 2020 3 min read

Dello Mano has been the leading Brownie Delivery service since 2006. We started a brownie business from scratch at a time when a Brownie gift did not exist. In fact, Brownies barely existed in Australia and were pretty much a non-event. Not only did we create a brownie business with no competition but we also launched in the middle of a hot Brisbane summer and we launched brownie delivery which was for many years thereafter in its earliest infancy. Our brownie delivery was ahead of its time. 

Dello Mano Luxury Brownie Gift Box Delivery

Innovators from the beginning we created a Belgian Chocolate Brownie when no one wanted one. Also ahead of the trend, we set up a website in 2005. From the beginning of our business later the next year we offered brownie delivery. Our thought was to deliver brownies as a premium, exquisite gift to people who appreciate fine food, quality, and a chocolate gift. And we were positive it would not just be any brownie. We created our own brownie recipe that was groundbreaking in changing the traditional cakey texture to a fudgy chocolate brownie.

Dello Mano Luxury Brownie showing its fudgey brownie texture

We both had worked at a Chocolate company for many years after Graduation and so created this notion of a chocolate brownie with rich fudge-like texture mainly because we knew more chocolate would make a better treat. We tested lots of different chocolates at the time and finally settled on a Belgian Chocolate Brownie. We created the concept, product and the Brownie Delivery model from scratch.

We had big brownie plans. Our brownies were developed to not only deliver Brisbane brownies but also to be able to deliver brownies to the world.  For over a decade now we've delivered brownies across the world from Melbourne to Paris and London. Our brownies have even endured the very rigorous Australian Army Delivery service. When one homesick soldier stationed on the frontline in Afghanistan longed for a brownie delivery we met the challenge and sent them across the world to meet him. Despite what can only be described as a tumultuous trip across several different countries the brownie delivery was a success and there was much celebration when it arrived.

Dello Mano Brownie delivery has also been by personal hand carriage. The now-famous Dello Mano Original Classic Brownie gift box has been taken overseas on many government delegations and on those trips presented wide and far including to the President of China through to the United States Whitehouse. Our brownies were chosen as representative of innovation as Dello Mano uniquely created the Brownie food gift in Brisbane. Our concept has since been imitated both here in Australia and around the world. 

We've heard some amazing brownie stories. Wedding couples have created a demand for brownie delivery around the world. We've organised chocolate brownie delivery for weddings abroad from as close as New Zealand and as far as South Africa and the Maldives. 

Each Christmas we deliver brownies as food gifts to our Australian customers' friends and relatives around the world.  We deliver brownies by courier however many of our customers simply post the brownies via Australia Post. We are told all arrive well and in good condition.

One story that sits in the annals of Dello Mano history books, is the woman that took it upon herself to hand-deliver brownie as a gift to herself at the base camp of Mt.Everest. She was turning 40 and decided that the best birthday cake she could take was a Dello Mano Brownie cube. Limited by size and needing a  durable brownie for delivery she made the right choice. She came back to Brisbane to report that it was the most delicious celebration, She recalled sitting on a rock at base camp and quietly enjoying her Dello Mano brownie. 

We believed back in 2006 that we had created the best brownies in the world and we set up brownie delivery back then so that ultimately we could meet the need to deliver brownie across the globe.

Dello Mano delivers brownie to Brisbane daily. We also deliver brownie interstate to Melbourne, Sydney and all capital cities. Our brownies can be delivered west and brownie delivery to regional Australia is also good to go.  We deliver brownie to the world and do so regularly.

Dello Mano Luxury Brownies can be purchased online or at either of the stores at New Farm Merthyr Village and also Tattersalls Arcade. We also have stockists that respect quality and innovation and we can provide details of these if you call Bien on 0498 002 468

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